A good positive woman

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Curating inspiring quotes and infographics to help improve people's lives Read full profile. Be that Fearless Girl. John Hall is the co-founder and president of Calendar, a leading scheduling and productivity app that will change how we manage and invest our time. Read full profile. Remember the day you launched your own business? You had spent months or years developing your idea. You may have sacrificed a steady job to become the master of your professional destiny. Having entrepreneur motivation was easy, natural, and energizing in the beginning.

So, why are you struggling to stay motivated now when you need it most? Nearly everything in life experiences A good positive woman. The solar system, hormones, your washing machine—and yes, even motivation. Movement is inherent in cycles. If you stop moving, your business simply grinds to a halt, and you may find yourself looking for a job after all.

The mere threat of stagnation should be enough to get your entrepreneur motivation mojo back online. Highs and lows, ebbs and flows, are all cyclical. On others, you may struggle to even get dressed. As does every aspect of your business, motivation requires constant care and feeding. Recall the almost manic thrill you get when your entrepreneur motivation seems to be unstoppable and concentrate on recapturing it. Motivation neither just happens nor lasts. It takes focus, drive, and a conscious effort.

When it lags, roll up your sleeves, choose a task, and get back to the business-building at hand. No business or entrepreneur can operate in a bubble. Connection to customers, vendors, employees, and other entrepreneurs is vital to growing a business. I find that one of the things that makes me most energized about my business is the connections I make while networking.

Networking effectively is about give and take, which means you only get as good as you give. Be generous with your thoughts, ideas, and connections, and others will reciprocate. These days, there are myriad networking channels to choose from.

There are the tried-and-true conferences, industry and professional organizations, and even your local Chamber of Commerce.

A good positive woman

But the internet and social media have vastly expanded the opportunities to connect with other empire-building, ambitious people. We all know that goals are important. If we fail to set them, how do we know when we have achieved something? In business, as in life, we need targets. For me, having a goal focus is intrinsically motivational.

Have you met all the business goals you set ly? Keep in mind that business goals can be moving targets, as circumstances change and reality sets in. What you must avoid is allowing yourself or your business to be paralyzed by indecision. Make sure you set realistic goals —neither too high nor too low. Once the big ones are in place, establish mileposts so you know your business is on the right path.

Unlike goals, the mission of your business A good positive woman not be a moving target. While a mission can and should be reassessed periodically, it must, nonetheless, remain a constant for a ificant period of time. The world changes quickly. Customers, technology, markets, workforces, and supply chains are in a constant state of flux. In my business, the challenge has always been to respond to change while remaining true to our mission. According to Collins, your mission can be found at the intersection of three key truths about your enterprise:.

You should find motivation in the mission of your business. Too many times, business owners fail to celebrate wins and learn from losses. If you did, have you taken the time to celebrate those wins with your stakeholders? Wallowing in losses instead of learning from them and moving on is a sure way to lose motivation.

In my company, we ring a gong every time we land a new client so the small victory reverberates through the office. Doing this builds our confidence, generates enthusiasm, and motivates our team to aim higher. I recommend finding your own way to acknowledge the small wins that are necessary to achieve those major victories your business needs to flourish.

When a lack of motivation sets in, take stock of everything you have accomplished. Pat yourself on the back and bask in the glow of achievement. That pause may be all you need to motivate you to achieve more success. When you launched your business, were you just ing the pack?

A good positive woman

Or did you want to fill a gaping, empty market niche? Odds are, you believed you had a solution to a problem that no other business was figuring out. Take Uber, Netflix, and Blue Apron. They disrupted the taxi, movie, and food industries by putting a revolutionary spin on the traditional way of doing business. You might discover a new customer service paradigm or a way to use technology that no one else has.

So, start imagining ways you can disrupt your industry to kickstart your motivation. Even little ripples can turn into serious waves. Building a business is exhausting during normal times. Throw in the stress and radical changes accompanying a global pandemic, and life can become overwhelming.

This can lead to depression, indecision, paralysis, or even sheer panic. Start by stopping your attempts to do it all and set some priorities instead. When overwhelmed with lifeone of those priorities must be yourself. Spend some time away from work to recharge.

A bit of respite is the only way you can replace the energy and inspiration sapped by a turbulent world. A little rest and relaxation may be all you need to return to the office reinvigorated. If your break involves travel, exposure to different places and cultures might even spark new trains of thought. You will be motivated A good positive woman pick up where you left off and get back to growing your business. Whatever widget or widget service you sell, you have customers.

Your lack of motivation does a disservice to a market looking to your business for solutions. When your business motivation wanes, think of those customers counting on you to succeed.

A good positive woman

The most successful companies in the world are extremely customer-centric. Perhaps, there is a relationship between your lack of motivation and customer neglect. Remaining vigilant about their needs will determine whether or not your business is successful. To conduct surveys, read customer reviews, and do market research to discover those needs. When the noise from the daily demands of running a business gets too loud, tune it out. Responding to them will require focus, as you are motivated by your dream to build a successful business.

Motivation is movement, action—a driving force of human nature.

A good positive woman

Although it waxes and wanes as naturally as the lunar cycle, restoring business motivation can require a concentrated effort. If you lack the motivation to eat, you starve. If you lack the motivation to drive in your lane, you crash. If you lack the motivation to build your business, you fail. You are obviously a highly motivated individual. Entrepreneurs are, at their cores, a rare and uniquely inspired breed. Whether the spark comes from a personal connection, a new goal, a brief vacation, or a customer comment, there are ways to get yourself back on the business-building track again.

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A good positive woman

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