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Academy of Hope is an adult public charter school in Washington D. As a Washington, DC-based workforce development and adult education provider, our mission is to provide high quality adult education and services that change lives and improve our communities.

Our work focuses on helping DC residents gain skills and knowledge through education and career training that will enable them to pursue viable paths to economic self-sufficiency. Donor Privacy Policy. It gives people a start and propels them forward. Shortly after some neighboring education and workforce programs shuttered their doors, the late Eugene F.

Ford Sr. Ford founded MidCity Developers, Inc. His deep commitment to providing affordable housing and supportive services to families with low income made for a natural partnership with AoH. He told me that he gave to AoH because he knew we were going to do what we said we would with his money. Indeed Mr. Ford made a gift that allowed AoH to establish a site in the Congress Heights neighborhood. It remains the largest gift ever received by AoH from an individual donor.

When AoH first opened our doors in Ward 8, we occupied just a few rooms in The Overlook apartment buildings—a space provided by Edgewood Management Corporation. Eugene Ford Sr. Just this year, MidCity Financial Corporation provided the resources needed for AoH to conduct a market research study so that we can better understand how to reach DC residents Adult ready sex DC need of our services. Gene Ford Jr. Education matters. Academy of Hope gives people a chance. Pairing affordable housing with educational opportunities is a way of connecting the dots—helping our residents gain the education and skills they need to secure meaningful employment, and ultimately, to improve their lives.

As we celebrate our 35th anniversary next year, AoH will be raising funds to support a major renovation so that our space can better meet the needs of all learners. At the helm of those efforts is Mr. AoH is deeply grateful for the support of the Alice and Eugene Ford Family Foundation, and we look forward to continuing to build our relationship through our 35th year and beyond! We want to hear your story, too! Marie Brown, 52, transferred to Academy of Hope in from another adult public charter school because she wanted an environment that emphasized one-on-one learning.

She says she found exactly that at AoH. I go with the flow, and the teachers are there when I need them. I come anyway, and I think accomplishing what I want and knowing that I need this education is making me want to come more. A DC native, Marie worked for over 20 years without her high school diploma. Her last position was as a scheduler for the outpatient clinic Adult ready sex DC the National Rehabilitation Hospital. Marie served as a volunteer at the hospital for two years before they hired her full time.

Adult ready sex DC

I love helping out. Marie was content in her career but felt as though there was a ceiling because she did not have her high school diploma, and she wanted to move up. My diploma is my paycheck because a lot of companies and jobs want that high school diploma. In addition to wanting to excel in her career, Marie says she came back to school because she wanted to set a good example for her five. She originally left school in the 11th grade because she had children, and she says it took until now to take the time to focus on her own education. Her youngest child, a daughter enrolled in DCPS, is set to cross her own graduation stage in June I encourage her, and she encourages me!

Marie also says she appreciates the chance to access technology—an important element of the computer-based NEDP program. But for now, she is focused solely on earning her diploma.

Adult ready sex DC

Having a high school diploma is going to be one of the most wonderful things to have. You can say that you got an education. With your high school diploma, you can do anything you want! But when I started here at Academy of Hope, it was a brand new day for me. He says he has some happy memories from childhood but that growing up without a dad was tough.

Meanwhile, Reggie struggled to read and write in school. I learned to talk well and use big words, even if I could not spell them. So he dropped out at age 14 without discussing his decision with anyone. Hoping to learn a trade and earn some money to buy nice clothes, Reggie enrolled in Job Corps in West Virginia. Although he enjoyed learning to operate heavy equipment, he left the training program after less than a month and returned to DC. He managed to go back to school but decided to stay for less than a year.

Reggie attributes many of his struggles—in education, in the workforce and at home—to his use and abuse of drugs. He spent many subsequent years in and out of prison and moved several times from a halfway house to the street and to shelters. ByReggie entered therapy, ed both an addiction Adult ready sex DC program and Narcotics Anonymous and finally entered recovery from his addiction.

Adult ready sex DC

It was at NA that he met Diane, the woman who became his second wife. I could not have accomplished what I have without all the wonderful teachers and volunteers. Reggie was a diligent student—always present and focused on the task at hand. Finally, inhe completed the requirements for the NEDP and earned his high school diploma. I dropped out of school at 14 years old and went to work. I never imagined in all my travels that I would graduate from anything. They built my self-esteem and self-confidence. Now I believe anything I set my mind to, I can accomplish.

Adult ready sex DC

On graduation day, Reggie served as a speaker one last time. Today, I am glad to be who I am. Today, I thank god for my journey because I had to go through all that I went through to get where I am today. After graduation, Reggie began working at a drug treatment program and at a transitional housing facility and started studying online to become a certified Addiction Specialist, with the goal of becoming an Addiction Counselor.

Mui was born in outside a small town in South Vietnam. She was the first of eight children.

Adult ready sex DC

Her Chinese father and Vietnamese mother owned a home and two clothing businesses. So with great sadness, she left school in at the age of The family lost their home and their businesses and was sent to work in the mountains. As her father was Chinese, they received one-half the normal food allocation, which left them constantly hungry, and because their IDs had been confiscated, they could not get medical care or travel.

After roughly five years, they were allowed to return to their hometown, though without IDs, a home, or even a to sell goods, they continued to struggle. At first they slept in the market, later they squatted in their old house. With a bit of gold that he had sewn into the hem of his shirt, he paid smugglers to get his daughters to the North, and then to China. Roughly two years later, she and her sister made it to Hong Kong where Mui lived in a refugee camp for five years.

Inthe Hong Kong government declared that Mui and other refugees had to return to Vietnam. In this position, Adult ready sex DC was able to save money and send it back to family and friends in Vietnam. She also made an effort to learn English, and through her sister, she met a man in who helped teach her. Unfortunately, after working steadily for 12 years, in Mui lost her job. Having seen s at the unemployment office for GED classes and National External Diploma Programs, she realized that she might find a better job if she could get a high school credential.

Mui started her studies at Academy of Hope in InMui took a job as a cleaner at Georgetown University. Working from 5pm — 10pm seven days a week, she attended class during the day. When in she switched to the am — pm shift five days a week, she continued her NEDP course online and through weekly meetings with her tutor.

She also got help on breaks from many Georgetown students who showed her how to use her new lightweight computer. She learned much from them, including how to create bar graphs and pie charts, and she is proud to have taught these skills to her tutor! In September —eight years after she started her education journey at AoH—Mui completed the National External Diploma Program and earned her high school diploma! Three years later, Mui is still employed at Georgetown University. She has been repeatedly offered. I want bigger things in my life. I want to do more.

I want to learn more stuff. Originally from El Salvador, Yeny was raised by her grandparents, neither of whom knew how to read or write. I started going to school at seven because my aunt came to get me and took me to the city. I had to go to the city because I was in a small town. I grew up on a farm, so we had to take care of a lot of animals. You have to do it all the time. After just a few years in school, Yeny left in the ninth grade to move to the United States.

I worked in restaurants. In the back of the Adult ready sex DC, I did a lot of hard work washing dishes, rolling silverware, line cook, prepping food…but I started to like it because I started to learn English.

Adult ready sex DC

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