An uncomplicated relationship

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Idit Sharoni - relationship experts. I'm Idit Sharoni, your podcast host, your relationship expert, and your trusted therapist when it comes to relationship advice. Get ready for some great info and tips. All are welcome, come as you are and tune into this life changing experience. Learn An uncomplicated relationship to be a better listener and speaker in your relationship. I share tips about avoiding vicious cycles of communication so you stop ending up in repeated arguments and fights.

Learn how to heal your relationship after infidelity. I share my ideas and tips inspired by my years of experience working with couples in the aftermath of affairs and betrayal. Learn how to enhance your relationship. I address various relationship and marriage issues and share tips on reconnecting, rekindling, and restarting. The primary thing to understand about infidelity PTSD?

The pain of betrayal in a committed relationship An uncomplicated relationship persist for quite a long time afterward. Can an affair recovery program save our relationship? Half of my practice is traditional couples therapy. The other half is focused on couples seeking guidance and support in the aftermath of infidelity. What do you do when everything shifts after an affair?

Often post-traumatic stress, as it pertains to the hurt partner, is linked to the unknowns connected to the betrayal. The pain of discovery […]. In the aftermath of infidelity, what does a hurt partner need most? What comes to mind? Most people, unfaithful partners, or even therapists routinely answer the same way: hurt partners need true remorse from the betrayer, to forgive, and to know why among other things. Of course, these are all true and important. Yet, the […]. Likewise, it is not uncommon to get extremely frustrated and annoyed when our partner is not doing or saying what we […].

Are you concerned that you may not be able to heal from infidelity? Is your affair recovery on hold? When you find it difficult or even impossible to move past the pain, you start to […].

An uncomplicated relationship

When we think of healing from an affair, we focus on the betrayal of the faithful partner. Are you facing an acute issue in your relationship? Not the occasional arguing. Not the odd bickering. Maybe you found out your partner had an affair.

An uncomplicated relationship of these circumstances are very painful, sensitive issues that couples sometimes have to manage. Are you and your spouse equal partners in your relationship? Or has one of you become more of a parent to the other? Please keep reading. An uncomplicated relationship you a hurt partner seeking therapy to get over your pain? When things are bad between you and your partner it may feel like you need to pray for divine intervention—a miracle— to make things good again. What you really need is a relationship strategy.

A strategy that will help you see your partner and your issues with fresh eyes. A strategy An uncomplicated relationship effective it will feel like a miracle. Often, they share that they stopped counseling because there was no improvement in their situations. This article is a must on your essential list of relationship resources. Because when we mess up we whine. We pout. We dole out righteous indignation. Or we verbally punch back much too hard. Trust building. Letting go of the past. Yet now, as you struggle to cope with the aftermath of infidelity in your own relationship, you may be wondering if the saying applies to the person you love.

Yet, the wounds of your partner remain open, the betrayal and all its consequences, remain unaddressed, and forgiveness remains out of reach. You know you love your partner. Any relationship that lasts more than a decade deserves special recognition. However, many long-term couples like you wonder:. When I think about guilt after betrayal, I realize that it is usually associated with the betraying partner. A simple search online reveals tons of articles about feeling guilty after cheating.

However, my work with couples in the healing stages following infidelity actually shows that guilt exists in both partners. Many couples believe that sexual drought is a phase that will eventually fade away or is simply the nature of a long-term relationship. I will challenge that perception and help you get things going in the right direction! Are you wondering if your relationship can go back to normal after a pregnancy or first baby?

This is not an uncommon question for modern-day couples who experience pregnancy in the early stages of their relationship. How well do you and your partner handle money as a couple? Are you aware of how it influences your relationship, and how to keep it from ruining your connection? We either change or we give up on this relationship. Nothing worked. Is your relationship resistant to change?

Many couples come to me […]. After several visits to your home country with your partner, you notice that every trip becomes so overwhelming to the point you end up rethinking the whole thing. You try to make everyone happy, but instead you and everyone else end up disappointed.

What if you could plan a stress-free visit back home? One that […]. How many times have you been told by your partner you should have a date night for just the two of you? You may have heard experts say that date nights are the ultimate solution to enhancing relationships. Despite this common advice, date nights spent alone will probably […]. Expression of remorse is one of the most important parts of affair recovery. One of the very first things I look for in affair recovery sessions is whether or not there is remorse and […]. You want to be in a happy relationship but between all the s, text messages, work life, family time, me time, social media etc, nurturing your relationship has been put in the back burner.

The questions is: Will the truth after infidelity actually set you free? The answer to this is not as simple as it may seem.

An uncomplicated relationship

If the truth really does set you free, then how […]. Better than you? Not many people know how poisonous contempt is to a relationship. It is actually found to be the one! To […]. In part 2 of this episode series, you get the Why Stay Inventory — a list you can go down by to assess your […]. Almost every person who has been through infidelity is exposed to the following myths.

You probably heard it from people around you or read it somewhere. They have the potential to push […]. Are you looking for s to get back together with your ex? Or An uncomplicated relationship you are just flirting with the idea of rekindling with your ex. Whether the breakup was recent or some time has passed, it […]. I Answer this question in two parts. Here is part one of our discussion about trust after betrayal. You planned this talk with your kids for a while. Now what? After the initial shock, a flow of questions comes your way.

Is it because of me? Do you still love daddy? Are we going to move? These are […].

An uncomplicated relationship

In between your relationship issues and life concerns you have kids to raise. So the answer is YES, good parenting can go with relationship issues. Are you having a tough time co-parenting with your difficult ex? Co-Parenting with a difficult ex can bring out the worst in you.

Wondering if you should stick with your couples therapist or find someone new? Maybe you have already seen a couple of therapists and none of them felt like the right fit. I was inspired to talk about this topic by one of the couples in my practice who mentioned that they believe I am an […]. Planning a divorce but not sure how to have the Divorce Talk with your kids? Do you feel confused about your relationship? Does something feel off between you and your partner but you cannot figure what the problem is? If this sounds An uncomplicated relationship it might be time to self assess your relationship.

Has your partner told you countless times that you are making a big deal out of nothing? Or maybe you hold grudges for way too long. If either situation sounds familiar to you, then you might be guilty of relationship self-sabotage. Are you trying to forgive and forget after infidelity, but with no success? Have you found moving on to be almost impossible? Hang in there and listen to this episode to […].

An uncomplicated relationship

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