Athens naughty women

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They don't even renovate their buildings The first thing one notices about Athens is the women. They are drop dead gorgeous. In this authors opinion, the Greek girls give other Mediterranean women a run for their money and have superior genes. Super sexy but slightly up their own ass, especially when you compare them to their counterparts in Thessaloniki up north.

We went to Gazi — a big square with tons of night spots. Lots of choice but a bit pretentious, if I was to return I would check out Psirri. In Gazi, the best strip is a street called Triptolemou. Avoid Tapas bar unless you like penis in your ass. Fuck Athens. This is ridiculous, it is actually cheaper to buy things from Germany Athens naughty women pay DHL to have them transported all the way down here, than buy anything at all from here. Taxis are expensive, shops are expensive, food is ridiculously expensive, drink is expensive, and clubbing is expensive.

Also, in my opinion I am a local Turkish women are more beautiful than ours. They have more exotic genes and some have got Central Asian admixture which makes them hotter than our own boring typical Southern Euro whitey chicks. I have to agree with the author… Athens was a big surprise as far as hot girls go… on par with Barcelona etc.

Not as off the hook as Serbia, Romania etc. Gazi is a great place to drool over girls… and the prices seem to be coming down there… I found a few bars in Gazi with 3 Euro pints, which is cheap for Athens. Greece can be expensive going out. Thats how greece works. Eating out is srill real cheap tho. The city Athens naughty women some great bars though. BIOS, nixon,cabethon, tsin tsin, briki, 7 jokers. The last two go at 3am and its pick up central. Just say you you have moved to Athens. The quality can be shit though but I have picked up a 9 in there before.

Greek girls…. Outside of summer on the islands it can be rough. Its just about knowing the way. Its not simple though. Lots of no replies to texts and dates cancelled. Just act like you dont give a fuck. It works.

Trust me. For going out and getting a ONS…. There are millions of bars. Good ones too. Just expensive to get pissed. Stick to wine as its 4euros and big glasses. Its a great city just give it time. I love Athens. The women are smoking! Funny thing is I find Thessolaniki harder to pull haha. I believe Greek women are quite gorgeous and dont go out only with greek gay men just greek men seem jelaous that their hot and desired women dislike them where are the greek men anyway where they stand i believe serbian men are hotter!!!!

And Athens is a Mecca for pussy. You are nuts. Centre is gorgeous. Plaka, Thesio, agora and it has acropolis — best anceint city view in the world bar none! Greek girls are hard work though. Enough tourists around when times are tough.

Remember my experience might be different than yours but this was my experience. Im here in athens its novaround 16 degrees. You can see all tourist stuff in a weekend im here for 6nights.

Athens naughty women

Cant comment on nightgame but bars are in gazi. Daygame ive seen ocassional 8s nice peach bums but no 9s. Disapointed in the city. Id recomend stating in syntagma area as thats the main place for day and guttergame. Id come in sept. Heard august is 40degrees. If you want to get laid id recomend 2weeks here depnding on your skills but if you just wanna Athens naughty women athens id just do 2days. Riga and budapeat are x better in my opinion i love curvy busty peach bumed girls. There are a few here but not s around they are the minority. Heard Athens naughty women is more beautifu and thats from a local greek i went on a date with.

Id download a fake gps and start pipeline girls 2weeks before you come here on tinder. Like a say maybe sept is better. Gotter more girls. I was told aug is when greek girls leave to go vacation. Hope this info helps. Fellow nom. I got this reliable connect I met through a friend in Athens, I just place my order and someone brings it to me! He is very discreet, you can hook up at. Hey stoner, i just received the best quality green from a connect here. The city receives a lot less tourists so people seem friendlier.

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Yiannis September 17, at am. This is because we pay triple taxes and double VAT Reply. LRC January 20, at am. Crocky November 29, at am.

Athens naughty women

Enjoy the mezadaki guys Reply. UrownWords April 24, at pm. Jamie September 30, at pm.

Athens naughty women

Zeus October 13, at am. Athens is so dull, only worth spending a day there. Crocky October 15, at pm. Enough tourists around when times are tough Reply. Chris November 16, at am. Fellow nom Reply. Mathew March 1, at pm. Athens Tourist July 16, at am.

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Athens naughty women

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