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Further exogenous shocks came in the form of devastating earthquakes in March and December, which killed or injured dozens and resulted in billions of euros in property damage. An initial strong response to the pandemic in the spring was followed by a sudden relaxation of public safety rules at the beginning of the summer and the rapid spread of the virus in the second half of the year.

The slackening of restrictions coincided with early parliamentary elections, which were timed to favor the ruling coalition. The more meaningful inclusion of minorities in the governing coalition and efforts to step up postwar reconciliation efforts were two bright spots in This cycle of attack and counterattack between the two most powerful politicians in Croatia created distractions rather than any progress on issues the presidency has purview over, including national security and aspects of regional foreign relations.

The Social Democrats SDP lost further ground, while new challengers on the left entered the parliament. The center-left SDP continued to suffer from outdatedness, lack of diversity, and an overly Casual sex in croatia structure. The party is struggling to renew itself. The appalling treatment of migrants and refugees crossing into Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina at the hands of the Croatian police continued inrevealing a well-established pattern of abuse, yet the Croatian government showed no intention of intervening. Assistance to migrants and refugees is provided by resource-strapped nongovernmental organizations NGOs : in this, as in other cases, the situation of civil society remained more or less unchanged.

The HDZ-led government continued to delay the rollout of a national strategy for supporting civil society, preferring instead to keep the civic sector weak. Likewise, the media sphere remained relatively unchanged during the year. However, government pressure on media independence continued in and even stepped up a notch, as shown in the frequent attacks on the press by leading politicians. Croatia has many more local municipalities than are needed, a situation driven in part by clientelistic hiring procedures.

This made it even more difficult for citizens to secure basic services, which their home municipalities may have lacked when the lockdown was put in place. Talk of a new reform decreasing the of local municipalities gained momentum but did not take concrete Casual sex in croatia by the end of the year.

Doubts abound as to whether the political will for such a move exists. These convictions came more than 10 years after the crimes were committed and may yet be appealed.

Casual sex in croatia

Sanader and the HDZ had ly been convicted inbut those sentences were later overturned. The year was marked by notable cases of grand corruption, including a major preelection scandal involving the high-ranking HDZ official and former Knin mayor Josipa Rimac. Alongside a dozen other important political figures, Rimac stood accused of favoritism in asing a lucrative wind farm contract. These and other instances demonstrated a pattern: unless scandals come to the surface through journalistic investigations or other means, Croatian institutions do not wholeheartedly pursue inquiries into grand corruption.

This reality is reinforced by cases of corrupt mayors who were reconfirmed by the HDZ as party leaders in their municipalities. Her work at DPIR centers on anticorruption, money-laundering and reputation-laundering, with a focus on the role of Western countries in the global dynamics of corruption. Other research interests include transnational authoritarianism, academic freedom, and the intersection between governance and geopolitics.

Nations in Transit Croatia Semi-Consolidated Democracy. The ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 representing the highest level of democratic progress and 1 the lowest.

Casual sex in croatia

The Democracy Score is an average of ratings for the tracked in a given year. The Democracy Percentage, introduced inis a translation of the Democracy Score to the scale, where 0 equals least democratic and equals most democratic.

Casual sex in croatia

No score changes. National Democratic Governance 1. In the first half ofCroatia held, for the first time, the presidency of the Council of the European Union EUwhose agenda had to be substantially refocused to address the mounting COVID pandemic. In the spring, Croatia acted quickly to implement strict measures. As a result, cases were kept very low, and the daily increase in cases reached zero in April through May.

However, with summer approaching, the government decided to wholly reopen society. In doing so, it managed to save part of the all-important summer tourism season, but, predictably, cases increased sharply toward the end of summer and throughout the fall.

Casual sex in croatia

While the official reason for moving up the elections was fear of a second wave of the pandemic, it was nevertheless apparent that the timing suited the ruling Croatian Democratic Union HDZ. After public confidence in state institutions peaked in May, 3 the deterioration of the epidemiological situation from June onwards underpinned a decrease in public optimism. The much-discussed possibility of the party forming an alliance with the HDZ ahead of the parliamentary elections thereby pushing the next Croatian government further to the right did not materialize.

Born as a civic activism platform, the Croatian green movement built upon its success in Zagreb, where greens have been present on the city council since the local elections.

Casual sex in croatia

Three years on, these activists-turned-politicians ed forces with left-wing parties, winning a remarkable seven seats in the parliament in their first showing. In time, it became abundantly clear that the latter slogan would leave a much bigger mark on his presidency than the former. Does it mean that he is hiding something? Dosta je toga. Ne dam! Electoral Process 1. Two national votes were held in the presidential run-off on January 5 following a first-round election in late December and early parliamentary elections on July 5.

On the whole, the conditions for both votes were mostly free and fair. Out of the seats in the parliament, the HDZ-led coalition scooped up 66 seats The far-right Homeland Movement won 16 seats Another new entrant in the parliament in was the centrist coalition Pametno—SiP—Fokuswhich won three seats, although the sole representative from Fokus left the coalition later in the year.

Eight more seats, those from the 12th electoral district reserved for national minorities, went to incumbents. Overall, the electoral indicated little change in the composition of the governing structures, with the HDZ enjoying freer rein than it had beforehand. Civil Society 1. In May, city council representatives and CSOs protested the decision to dissolve the parliament before Casual sex in croatia had passed a law for the post-earthquake reconstruction of Zagreb.

Croatia did not have a full-fledged MeToo moment when the movement took hold around the globe in — Hundreds of women shared their experiences of sexual abuse, setting in motion a widespread reckoning with the issue, while provoking a backlash from commenters with anti-feminist and conservative stances.

Casual sex in croatia

Organizations such as Are you Syrious? As in many countries across the world, Croatia had its share of coronavirus deniers. The at least seemingly arbitrary decisions taken by this body sparked outrage among the wider population, increasing the tally of protesters who might otherwise be limited to fringe groups. Independent Media 1. See, e. Bard, Petra et al. Author interview, November 7. Local Democratic Governance 1.

Additionally, Croatia has 20 regions and the specially administered capital city of Zagreb. At present, Croatia has 1, elected public officials at local and regional levels—a that could be reduced in to ificantly, the private company behind the project, Abu Dhabi—based Eagle Hills, is the same entity that built the Belgrade Waterfront development in the Serbian capital, which has been surrounded by controversies about its exclusivity, funding, and very legality.

Vrijeme je za promjene. It's time for a change. Judicial Framework and Independence 1. After a protracted legal battle, a same-sex couple was for the first time successful in fostering two children from an orphanage. The salute is roughly equivalent to the Nazi Sieg Heil, and the phrase conveys, to this day, a virulent anti-Serb message. The appalling treatment of migrants at the hands of the Croatian police continued in An investigation by the Guardian as well as Casual sex in croatia published by the Danish Refugee Council DRC provided strong indications that migrants and refugees on the so-called Balkans route were robbed, physically abused, and even sexually assaulted by members of the Croatian police.

Corruption 1. They may appeal the ruling. Many public officials staff from various ministries and public agencies, employees of state-owned companies, and a mayor were among the suspects.

Casual sex in croatia

Perhaps more encouraging, debate over the rule of law has been reinvigorated by a handful of new MPs who are raising awareness on corruption scandals and stepping up efforts to hold public officials able. A January Eurobarometer survey revealed that 97 percent of people in Croatia believe that corruption is widespread, the highest percentage among EU countries. Sentiment in the business sector is no better, with 91 percent of companies agreeing that corruption is widespread against an EU average of 63 percent.

Freedom in the World Be the first to know what's happening. the Freedom House monthly newsletter. Leave this field blank. Considers the democratic character of the governmental system; and the independence, effectiveness, and ability of the legislative and executive branches.

Casual sex in croatia

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