Chat for a few hours

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Share and collaborate on work with your team in Zapier. Manage multiple teams with advanced administrative controls in Zapier. A customer-centric strategy touches all parts of your business, but you can improve your customer service almost instantly—and at very little cost—with live chat. Live chat is the preferred customer channel for handling service issues, and it produces one of the highest satisfaction rates of any channel.

It's also a relatively affordable app to add to your existing technology stack. But because there are so many choices for live chat apps, it's hard to know where to start. To help you navigate, we've done some of the heavy lifting. We researched and evaluated over 30 live chat apps for customer support, and we thoroughly tested the most promising. From there, we selected the nine best live chat apps—from free to full-featured, with some special ones in between.

Chat for a few hours

LiveChat is an app with plenty of support-focused features wrapped in an attractive UI that makes it a pleasure to use. For teams that need more than just chat and ticketing, the company also offers separate but integratable chatbot, help center, and knowledge base products. The first thing you'll notice is the clean and modern feel of the chat console. The core functions—chats, traffic, tickets, reports, settings, and help, among others—are labeled icons listed vertically on the left side of the screen.

It took just a few minutes. From there, clicking on the settings icon brings up everything you need Chat for a few hours customize the widget and set up the other features. Each setting includes a brief explanation of its purpose with intuitive, visual instructions for setup and activation.

You'd be hard-pressed to get stuck setting up your chat, but if you do, each plan comes with 24x7x phone,and chat support, plus an extensive knowledge base. The times I've had to use their chat support, they were quick to respond and answer my questions. Once you're up and running, you'll have all the major features you need: chat transfer, message sneak peek see what a visitor is typing as they typetranscripts, and Messaging Mode.

This feature lets you and your customers communicate by chat and even when one or the other is not online. For example, a customer can send a chat even if it's after business hours, and it will be waiting for you in the chat queue. When you do respond, it will go to both the customer's chat widget and. For managers, intelligent chat routing distributes chats evenly to available agents, and the Supervision feature lets you train agents during live chats behind the scenes.

To start Supervision, click on the agent conversation you want to interact with, select Supervise chatthen type a message. The agent you're chatting with will see your message in their chat, but it won't be visible to the customer. One of the main menu items is Trafficwhich shows a list of all visitors on your site.

Chat for a few hours

From here, you can proactively start a chat either with a pre-made greeting or by clicking on the pencil icon and typing a custom note. This list shows which customers are chatting, waiting for a reply, supervised, or just browsing. Click on any name or IP address in the queue and you'll see detailed info such as location, visited s, and the cumulative of visits and chats. The dashboard shows the most important real-time metrics for the day, such as ongoing chats, unased tickets, and logged-in agents. Clicking each will take you to the current, detailed view for each category.

Reporting lets you track things such as greeting conversions, availability, ticket first-response time, and tracked sales from chats for eCommerce businesses. Unlimited users. Automated triggers.

Chat for a few hours

Chat whisper. Knowledge base. These are some of the features in tawk. Considering the features that come with the free version, tawk.

Chat for a few hours

There's also a consent form option and a scheduler to enable and disable the chat widget online automatically. Messages queue in the chat inbox from newest to oldest, showing both closed and open messages. From here, the agent can attach files, tag the chat, a transcript, and convert the chat to a ticket. One newer feature is the knowledge base, which lets you create Chat for a few hours subdomain e. Customize it with your logo, colors, social sharing, and other elements to match your branding. Then choose a layout, addand start loading articles. Your customers will then be able to find answers to their questions using the search box.

And if they don't find their answer, there's a ticket submit link that will drop into your messaging inbox. Here you can as it to a rep, add a priority, and respond with an directly from the record. Connect tawk. Smartsupp Web, iOS, Android. Want to understand how visitors are experiencing your website?

The Smartsupp app combines live chat and video recordings similar to though not as extensive as what you find in behavior analytics tools like Hotjar and Mouseflow. From these videos, you'll have a deeper understanding of how visitors are engaging—or not engaging—with your website.

To view recordings, click on the play button on the menu. Each is listed in order of visit, showing s visited, time on site, and the referrer e. To find a specific visitor, click the filter button and search by s visited, name,and other variables. Click on any listing to see the recordings in action. Visitor recordings show a visitor's mouse movement, where they clicked, and any actions they took, such as filling out a form.

In my test, it took just a few minutes for the recordings to show up from the site searches I performed. Here are some possible applications. If you're often receiving chat requests from the same product of your site, review those chats and the behavior of each to see where visitors are getting stuck. Maybe it's as simple as a broken link you were unaware of—unable to access that link, the visitor starts a chat to get a question answered.

Chat for a few hours

The included bots are another way to proactively serve customers without taking up an agent's time. Smartsupp offers about a dozen pre-made bots covering a range of common sales and service topics. All of these can be further customized with conditions such as URL and of visits.

You can use Smartsupp's native Google Analytics integration to do things like comparing the actions of chat visitors to all your site's visitors for metrics like eCommerce conversion rates. In other words, how did the chat conversation affect sales?

Integrations with a of eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento make this even easier. LiveHelpNow chat software makes gathering customer feedback easy with its customizable surveys. They also offer sentiment analysis to track chat conversations that are considered both negative and positive. You can create unlimited surveys, adding custom colors and fonts, and using either a 5-star format or the point Net Promoter Score NPSmaking it easy for the customer to answer quickly.

You de the questions asked and deploy them post-chat in the chat window or via link in text, social media, or. Then track the survey in analytics by agent or company overall. Sentiment analysis uses artificial intelligence to identify words and phrases from a chat, determining whether the conversation was negative or positive.

Chat for a few hours

If it detects a negative chat, it will automatically send an to the admin so they can reach out to the agent, customer, or both to resolve a potentially poor experience. All chats are rated by sentiment analysis using a point scale 10 being the highest and then reported in the analytics section. Another useful support feature is the automated idle chat messages. So if a visitor has not responded in, say, five minutes to an ongoing chat, a message will be sent to remind them that the agent is still there waiting to help. Similar messages can be sent to visitors when an agent hasn't initially responded e.

The next agent will be with you shortly". LiveHelpNow does more than sentiment analysis, though. Its Advertising Billboards feature lets you create up to 10 rotating messages within the chat window as either text messages or images with clickable links to send customers to your landing. These messages are broadcast in the window during a chat for the customer to see. Advertise upcoming events, special operating hours, or anything else that may be of interest.

And the Chat Whisper feature lets managers monitor and coach their agents during chats. The manager selects an active chat session from their dashboard, then types a message into their own chat window in real-time. The manager's name and message will appear in the agent's window as a thread with the Chat for a few hours, but only the agent will see it. In turn, the agent can respond to the manager by clicking Respond.

Chat for a few hours

If I had one suggestion for improvement, it would be to give the UI a facelift—it looks like it was deed when MySpace was hot. The icons, font, and layout all feel dated. For example, the agent's small chat window is crammed on the left side, and while it can be expanded somewhat to the left, it's still generally smaller than the others reviewed here.

The good news is that a UI rede is scheduled for later this year. Olark Web, iOS, Android. If your chat support team is relatively small and you're looking for pricing flexibility, Olark is worth exploring.

Chat for a few hours

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