Cheers 2 new friends

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I say real friends because this is definitively the time for quality over quantity. Having friends, even just one, who see you and hear you, and for whom you do the same, is incredibly grounding, comforting and vital. Sometimes they still are and our friendship can continue from where we seemed Cheers 2 new friends have left off — but frequently we find, those friends are gone.

Years have passed since we nurtured many of those friendships and as close and real as those friends were — the years bring changes that can shift what we have in common and what our friendship needs are. Find the time to attempt getting together for dinner, lunch or a quick cup of coffee. Maybe all you can honestly fit in is a phone chat or catch up. I continue to use the word real because although we have a bit more time opening up in our schedules, at this age, we have zero tolerance for fake. We have no space in our over fifty lives for friendship drama or any of that mean-or-cliquey-girls-in-high-school BS.

The ones you could see yourself casually hanging out with. The ones who you feel inside it could be so easy with. When the opportunity to gather with those women, or even one, comes up — i. Scared it will be awkward. We might not know what to say. They might not like us. Feels like being stuck in high school all over again for some of us. Stick your toe in that water and dare to say yes the next time you are invited somewhere and you feel a little twinge inside saying, this could be fun…. Think she may refuse to your yearbook in June?! So, go text, call or your close friends if you have them.

Cheers 2 new friends

Tell them you love and appreciate them. Step out of your comfort zone NOW! This really resonated with me, I would describe myself as Cheers 2 new friends and very loyal to my friends and a young 56 year old. Somehow I have lost all my close friends and now my kids are at University and husband out doing his thing I find myself with too much time on my hands!

Its amazing how alone you can feel even when you have a family. Friends are so important but where do you go to find new ones its very difficult. I hear you Kim, this part of our lives is a whole new chapter — sort of a new adventure. Friends are so very important at this time of life. They can keep us sane! And in our fifties, we all have so much in common and are often going through the same loneliness. For me, reconnecting with old friends and making new friends comes out of taking action.

Figuring out what I am passionate about NOW, what I want to do, activities, hobbies, interests and where that le me. I also know it takes conscious effort to keep or start friendships. We have to put in the effort to make connections. Sometimes that connection comes from reaching out to someone else who seems like they could use a friends or some emotional support.

Thank you for sharing your comment. You are not alone my friend. This post really hit home with me.

Cheers 2 new friends

I really need to branch out. Your post made me yearn for a local pal.

Cheers 2 new friends

Thanks for that. Long distance is great, close by is even better. On point. Thank goodness for friends who warm our hearts. First Name. Please follow and like:. Related Posts. About Marlene.

Cheers 2 new friends

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