Divorced women ready sex and dating

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To share your story, get in touch on ukpersonal huffpost. Becoming single at 50 after 23 years of marriage was the most disorienting experience of my life — more unsettling than any challenges I had shared with my then-husband, like navigating dirt tracks around Africa or bringing home a new baby.

I decided being single was not a problem to be fixed but an opportunity to be enjoyed, much like finding myself at an ice cream buffet with a spoon and no sampling limit. I vowed to be curious. As I was entering menopause, I was suddenly less interested in appearances and more so on my own happiness. Unlike puberty, with a seemingly infinite amount of time ahead, the other side of 40 lent new urgency and focus to my pursuits.

I began doing work I loved and living more simply.

Divorced women ready sex and dating

I gave myself permission to date without an agenda and chose men who were most unlike myself. These men — foreign academics, a tantric therapist, unemployed artists — offered new insight into the pleasures of sex. Saying yes to those pleasures, saying yes to my sex life, quickly became a midlife mantra.

But as I moved through menopause — and my frenetic dating agenda — I gradually lost my desire for casual sex.

Divorced women ready sex and dating

Three years after divorce, I wanted to cultivate a long-term partnership again. But this search did not resist moving quickly to the bedroom. I think we can understand much about a person by the way they relate to us sexually.

If a man was more interested in his own orgasm than in mine, I found him to be self-centred in many other ways. I looked for a lover to be generous and curious in bed, to laugh easily if our bodies made funny noises. These qualities usually extended to the way he approached life and relationships. I have also learned that timing is critical when looking for midlife love. When I myself dated newly-separated or divorced men at the point I was ready for a relationship, I was the one pounding my fists in frustration — until I accepted that these men also needed to go through their own post-divorce reckonings.

Midlife sex and love is vastly different from what I was looking for as a young woman. I forgive more easily but also quickly walk away from bad behaviour. Rather like exploring dirt tracks in a foreign country — now with my own compass. Have a compelling personal story you want to tell? Pride Follow us.

Divorced women ready sex and dating

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Divorced women ready sex and dating

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