Enema loving women

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With the men there is the benefit of the prostate Don'tr know that the direct sexual stimulation comes first. So much pressure on us to look good, suck it up and don't be a bitch that when we get to think about ourselves we want to take advantage of it!! I get stimulated by the intrusion of the nozzle into my rectum an otherwise unpenetrated hole. The warm water going into my rectum is exciting. Being exposed, etc. Massaging my prostate doesn't even feel good.

The little nerves being stimulated by the nozzle, on the other hand, is sensational. Most of all Enema loving women emotional and psychological effects are intensely pleasurable. I know there is a bunch of nerves in anus which is stimulated when I do a enema, which with masturbation cause me to have a orgasm. Seems to me that, both men and women, there are those of us that like things in our butts, like enemas, and some don't. We seem to have certain nerves in our rectums that are an erotic stimulation, when we poke things into our butts.

As far as men are all that way do to our prostates, I'm not certain that is really the case?? I've always liked things in my butt, to the point of a real sexual turn-on, and have known many women that are the same. On the other-hand, there are also women who do-not like to have their butts played with, no-less sticking anything in it as an enema. Men and women, you either like anal stimulation, or you don't. Some people like their butt played with, some don't.

Some of those that don't have never given butt play a fair chance.

Enema loving women

They just dismiss the idea for whatever reason they conjure up, or what was taught. The good news is if a person has an open mind and is willing to try things more than once they might find that activity enjoyable. A current playmate, who was willing to try enemas and had no experience with them still, after 5 years, will take them whenever I want, but never asks for them. Butt play was something else. That was a no-no, things only go one way there, out. No insertions of fingers, toys nor penises.

I am a happy to report that with gradual and persistent stimulation of the anal area and penetration she is my "anal slut" She begs for it now if I wait too long, which i do most times because I like to tease her. The enema which first "turned me on" as a ten-year-old was administered by two mature female nurses while hospitalized; there was nothing inappropriate in their conduct, and I don't recall getting an erection, but they did seem to be enjoying the Enema loving women.

Enema loving women

And in a parallel, several of my female friends have seemed to get a "jolly" or two when the conversation tuned to men subjected to GU exams, endoscopies, etc. So I would tend to believe that for women, the sexual aspects of an enema are more psychological than physical. I can only say why I am getting excited.

It starts from the beginning. The touch of the manly thumbs on the soft flesh. We all know the enema is administered in positions, lying sideways with bent knees or on shoulders and knees. In both positions, there is no need for the cheeks to be spread open since the anus will be clearly visible. But in my case the lubrication is applied when lying face down with legs stretched. In this position I get excited when two manly thumbs opens my cheeks.

Some times I can feel his breath hitting the soft spot. Then the direct contact with a man's finger on the sphincter Enema loving women that gives a slight pain that adds more pleasure. Nozzle and the pumping of water comes next. Well, I was anal erotic before I ever got my first enema. That said, I found that enemas only added to the pleasure. Not only does the anal penetration score points, but the resulting pressure from the injection of enema solution excites nerve endings throughout my pelvic region. Add it all together and an enema just flips my switch!

Enema loving women

I think it is mostly psychological - the submission, the knowledge that something is going to be done to a private part, which hasn't been touched since her mother tended her there in early childhood, that is arousing. But just as important as the physical process - of the preparation of the equipment, and the knowledge that she is about to share something she wouldn't share with most of her friends even, is the preamble. So it is the idea of agreeing to the procedure, the generalized discussion, the more specific likes and dislikes, and then the developing arousal, suspected or apparent in both the woman, and the administrator, someone in authority - a nurse, doctor, therapist, or matron, which heighten the excitement.

Some women may enjoy the regression to an innocent, immature state, yielding to the attentions of a nanny, governess, teacher or tutor, aunt, step-mother, head teacher, or grandparent. That is what interests me, and I suspect many other men and women too. When I started to administer enemata to willing women, at first I was so delighted - after many years of searching - to find a woman who agreed to let me attend to her, I was so keen to rush on with it, that the scenario became quite clinical, un-erotic and disappointing.

Somewhat like "Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. Now I'm a lot older, it's the vocal foreplay, the allusions, the double-entendres, the flirting, the reminiscences, the discussions of positions, lubricants, nozzles, tubing etc which are an essential part of the scenario. Also there is often Enema loving women element of fetishism - white sheets in a clinical setting, rubber or latex items, the colour, the sheen or gloss, the lingerie, corsets, girdles and stockings, nylon, silk, Lycra, satin panties and pillows. And then there are the smells - perfumes, or rubber, or clinical, antiseptic.

The preamble should also discuss whether the lady suffers from one of many maladies which would benefit from the administration of a gentle warm slow enema. But maybe she Enema loving women been naughty, and therefore requires discipline and a suitable punishment, plus, of course whatever additional extras such as massage which may arise during the treatment.

Perhaps she simply has an empty feeling - a void which needs filling, a simple feeling of being unfulfilled which needs attention. As for anatomy, the cervix is often more sensitive than the prostate, and is only five millimeters from the rectal lining. And the anus is a common erogenous zone in both sexes. Just take a look at the male to female statistics on Zity. You guys out us by maybe ten to one. I'll get down to brass tacks here. I enjoy enemas because they are exciting, The result is a happy me a happy husband and a nice flat belly.

I like the preparation, being filled up by my lover and the intense orgasm I have while I'm expelling. The hottest part is doing this in front of my lover.

Enema loving women

I want him to see everything as my body works to empty itself out. So I'm saying I love enemas mainly because I share this ultra intimate time of expelling or better yet pooping in front of my husband. And I love the adoration as he's cleaning me Enema loving women.

We have been married a long time, we are private and years ago I desired for him to enjoy all of me. Staying green and growing paves the way to a life long wonderful marriage. And I feel so sexy doing this and we accept each other as husband and wife and best friends. Love is shown in many different ways. And I've never worried about him and any other woman. Who could do it better than me! I must agree with Susie! After over 40 years of looking for female e-mates, I can say I've only found some 30 or so who were willing to play.

Of those, I can only be sure of six for whom the enema was their preferred method of sexual expression. Perhaps in a latter day, when enemas were accepted by the broader society, there were more females who enjoyed them. Perhaps back then a suggestion to try it would result in a willingness to try, instead of the "eeeeeewwww!

I, for one, have no intention of asking every woman I know if they enjoy enemas, or would be willing to try one. I suspect Susie is right about the ratio being here on Zity. I have a hunch it's slightly more than that in the general population, but those other klysmo women are NOT going to come out of the closet for anyone, even a site as polite and informative as this one is.

Enema loving women

Many Zity ladies have said that during periods, warm enemas help with uterine cramps. I'll bet the vast majority will struggle through with one of the many N. I only started to like enemas maybe nine years ago, maybe less. I do have a major orgasm sometimes more than one while taking enemas. I think for me it is the pressure and feeling of it going in. Once I am clean I feel so much better. I suppose that in taking an enema by the help of a very long colon tube in the anus, this inserted with its full length, your joy in getting an enema will be far more important:.

The thing women did years ago at Enema loving women start and during their periods for cramps, was an enema, and just after their periods, a douch for personal hygiene, are today, out of fashion. Therefore, neither boys or girls growing up today, never having received an enema, have not had the opportunity to discover anything about their anus being erotic.

Enema loving women

I for one, have been anal erotic as far back as I can remember. I personally think all people are, the only difference is, people who are anal erotic, have figured it out, and non-anal erotic people haven't discovered that they are.

Enema loving women

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