Fuck in genova

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To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Advanced Search. This forum thread is moderated by Admin. Posts: Reply With Quote. Any escort agencies in Genova? Posts: 2. On Saturday afternoon, I already noticed Carrna, a 1. Prostitution was still illegal in Italy. On Sunday at noon around 12 when few people were around the lanes, I met Carrna again and her price was 30 Euro for 15 min and 50 Euro for 30 min, which were standard to all street workers at that area.

I could not speak Italian to communicate with her but used gesture to show the s. So I was a bit nervous and asked for 30 min, which proved a right choice. Then she brought me to her small room just at the same lane. In her room, I paid 50 Euro first then she started her blowjob with a condom she offered.

In fact, I told her to do some massage before the blowjob but we just could not understand each other. Her tits were natural, soft and the right size for me, and she kept her pretty smile Fuck in genova the whole process. However, playing her pussy was just limited on the clitoris with gel she offered and no fingering was allowed, which actually upset me Fuck in genova I could not felt if she was wet.

When I started to put my dick in her pussy, I wanted to apply more gel on the condom but she refused. She was nervous too when I played porn video on my smartphone during fucking. Although I paid for 30 min, we actually finished after 15 min with preacher and doggy positions.

Fuck in genova

She was a bit in hurry, as she saw her watch during the fucking. After cleaning up shower was not allowedI saw there was 10 min left and wanted to touch her tits more, which was also refused. Finally, we said goodbye by kiss on cheek and then I walked out her room alone. There were English-speaking black street walkers at small lanes near Via San Luca. One young black girl offered sex until I cum without Fuck in genova limit for 30 Euro. However, review said that they would ask 20 Euro more before dressing off.

Most of them were too fat for me, so I did not try them. Posts: 3. Hi, I will be in Sestri Levante. I am looking for some asian girls SW, Message, appartments, in hotels etc. Can any one suggest where I can find them. From what I have read in the thre is to look on Il secolo or secondomano. I saw many old and black SW flashing at me but they could not speak English so I left. Finally, a year-old Latin woman who spoke a little English quoted 30 Euro and we went to her apartment and locked. We firstly cleaned ourselves after getting naked.

After I paid 30 Euro, she sucked me with a condom on my cock. I kissed her body and then fucked. The whole process took 20 minutes and I could feel that she seemed in a little hurry. After finishing, we shook hands, said good bye and I left her apartment alone. Great advice. Excuse me Sir. Instead of putting us so many paranoid questions, why do not test the situation yourself and report us your experience? If you are scary, just don't go!

Fuck in genova

Prostitution is almost the same everywhere. Like everywhere in Genova they know where to go and I have never read about murder in that city. The houses you have seen are just houses where girls live or at least operate. They are not churches, museums or concert halls. For Davey Jone. I have found the street workers, but scared about how it works. Any advice? I saw a sexy lady on Sunday had the money in my pocket, then chickened out because of the unknown.

My questions: Where do they take you? If not an hotel were you pay extra? Is it safe? Who is the bloke that seems to follow her, is that her pimp? What are the houses that I have seen with almost nude ladies inviting you in?

Fuck in genova

They must be brothels yes? What happens inside? What happens when you agree a price, do you pay at the start or end? Who long do you normally get with the worker? Is it safer on a Sunday afternoon compared to late at night?

Fuck in genova

Should I risk it? Any advice more about what happens, OK when we are fucking I am sure. Advice required please? In Genoa I have found the street workers, but scared about how it works. What happens? As a long time intermittant lurker, I thought I'd add to the discussion. Most in the ranges. Met one that was an 8 Italian who had a nice incall very near, clean, safe. She offered to play videos during our session, which I declined. Didn't speak much English but was quite nice and sweet -- 8 for performance. Girls sit in front of their "workshops" in Vico della Rosa and adjacent narrow streets.

First ones appear at noon. Price is Visited last week. Posts: 6. Attached Thumbnails. We were walking narrow streets of old city in afternoon time. We saw some black, brunette and white skin chicks waiting on street and blinking.

I spoke and agreed with Lucia from Republic of Dominique. Her room that was well deed and smelled nice was just behind of Fuck in genova. However, she could not speak me any word since she does not know any English. Tomorrow I saw Andrea, Spanish woman was wearing red coat. I spoke her but damn it, she hasn't been spoken English, too. Although she refused me because of I'm not Italian, later called me and requested 50 euros. I accepted and walked her apartment and room that was very close. She was white skin nice Spanish women about yo.

O and was sucking me very good. We were not speaking any word but it was very successful fucking. I relaxed and gave a a glass of juice. If you'd visit Genoa, you can find very different women on the some streets of old city.

Fuck in genova

Posts: 4. Quality girl. These are some informations regarding prostitution situation in Genoa. In the old city small streets between "Principe Station" and the port area you my find ladies at anytime. Usualy they have your own small apartament nearby, quality of ladies is not very hight, rate about Euro per one hour.

The place is a litle bit dangerous night-time sspecialy if you are alone. In the est side of the town, near Brignole Station and the Exibition Center you my find ladies on the road Via Brigata Bisagno are usualy from Albany and they are there only after 11pm. Rate is 30 Euro for sex in the car. In Sampierdarena area west side 15 min. Posts: 1. Im heading to genova in a few days, any updates on where the SW are lurking and their prices? Preciated, thanks. Posts: 7.

Fuck in genova

Street Action - May I would like to report my experience. Street Action: take as a reference the area of the "Acquario"; precisely, on the opposite side of "Acquario", along Piazza Caricamento arcades, you will find a nice street action. Black women level waiting for guests, looking at you, asking for 30 euros.

Fuck in genova

You have to trust them and follow to reach their place: narrow lanes to be crossed. Once in the place, the girl asks for 20 euro more: she will get all her clothes off. The session starts, the girl knows her job. I have not experienced other areas for example, SampierdarenaI can not give any advice.

In case you deem not interesting street action, please take a look at genovatrasgressiva. You will find girls and transexuals in genova, daily updated. The time now is All rights reserved. Not sure about agencies in this town, I guess most ladies work by their own or for a pimp.

I use mostly Chinese massage places. Find them safe and from my experiences kind and customer focused. Do not expect super beautiful ladies, but averages or medium high. But the service is good.

Fuck in genova

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