Girls from Perugia

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Published by Olita Supe —. Benvenuti in Italia… il paese dove tutti amano tutti! Welcome to Italy. In the land where everybody love everybody! This expression stayed for a while on the small blackboard in our rented apartment — it was written by my hand. I think these words reflect Italian people most brightly. Italy is the land of love.

Girls from Perugia

Perugia differs tottally from Sardinia, and this story is different as well. The first month in Perugia I walked around feeling a bit lost, looking for sincere Italin people, but it was so hard to find anything in this colourful city. As a city — Perugia is very beautiful. With my eyes closed I would recognize the white daysprings and sunsets painted with fire flames. Me and the other Latvian student rented a small Girls from Perugia in the very heart of the Oldcity, on the top floor where there was a wide terrace over the apartment, where we enjoyed devine views.

City in the clouds. Perugia is the highest city from all Italian cities above the sea level. However, an interesting fact appears that during the winter there is no snow at all. All the other cities below has it, but Perugia has not, and at the same time when you look at the mountains far away — you can see that everything is white!

The snow and my cat Hercogs were the only things I missed this winter. The same thing happens when you go out in the Oldcity, turn wherever you want, archaic buildings, blossoming terraces and Balzac age palmtrees are looking all over you. Going after a warm croissant you can hear the narrow little streets whisspering something to each other. There are fantastic views, the windows are so close to each other that taking a small look accidentaly into the kitchen of the house next door I can swear I heard la pasta boiling in casserole.

There are magnificent stone walls, many archs, where Etruscans once immigrated and millions of small steps as Perugia is a continuous drive up and down, up and down. I concede that Perugia has the lowest range of women with cellulitis.

Girls from Perugia

The natural fitness is held every day It is not possible to move forward without climbing over a bigger or a smaller mountain. You can forget about the high heels here! Everything here is powerful and beautiful! And in this exact place, after word Powerful and Beautiful, the real story about Perugia can begin! Miss Perugia is a small, grey, aristocratic old lady.

Red lips, black eyes, fine nose and heavy bones. I remember from our first meeting the deep, hollow Girls from Perugia of her, which, in my opinion, did not fit with her elegance. Her knees were scratched, and along the whole conversation she was covering her bloody knees with her hands. Too much seen, experienced, felt and hurt to keep the lightness.

Yes, even statistics show that Perugia happens to be a place where bad accidents occur more often Honestly — you can feel it, at least my sensitive nature felt it since the very beginning. I came to Perugia straight from Sardinia, where I had spent 3 incredible months. It seems that the old lady Perugia did not like it at all.

Girls from Perugia

I was too happy, too released, I trusted people, I was laughing and I was unshakeable. My easiness and feathery feminity stung her eyes — this is not how we do! She was laughing at me about my high heels, my skirt, my light clothes suitable for Sardinia, she sent me rain and winds, and made me understand that nothing I owed was worth a penny. Nor can one count the greedy looks of men, neither the avalanches of sweet Girls from Perugia. Sometimes I felt the eager looks of men so strongly like someone would draw with a sharp barbed wire over my body.

One day everything changed. Tired of shouts and looks all over I run into the store desperate and said to the sales woman: "Please, please help me! Dress me so that I look like the others! Italians are like crazy for women like you!

I should mention, that I was dressed totally in a normal manner, my mistake were natural colour tights under my shorts. Italian women wear black tights. In Latvia I never felt this uncomfortable dressing like that, because we have used to see beautiful girls! I believe that every country, city, just as every person has its aura, which has developed through many years, centuries even.

Girls from Perugia

I think Perugia is saturated with faithlessness, variations and desire to try everything in front of them, which at the end is totally logic, because everybody really come here and they leave. Perugia is a student city and therefore the biggest part of the citizens are the former or the current students from all Girls from Perugia the world, as well as Italians from the South, where the unemployment rate is very high, so they go to the Central Italy for a work. And, of course, there are Lebanese, Morrocans, bagful of Albanians, Romanians, who are leaning against the walls of Perugia and reproducing themselves in the gate corners.

However, it all suits Perugia pretty well. Every five months there comes a new batch of students, and can you imagine how every nation differs? American, Japanese and girls from EU. Life is beautiful! At the beginning. Do you know what the head of the University said on the Student day of Erasmus? And if the students party around for the whole semester, then they dig into the book shelves during the exam sessions. They can be examined for three times in one subject. The constancy is impossible here, as everybody are playing by their own rules.

They live loving, thinking that the art of love is the most important criteria in relationships, while we Latvians are talking about and looking for beautiful, soulful and harmonic relationships.

Girls from Perugia

The other question is — how easy we find them. That is so exciting. There are not many other problems to be solved as the trials of love. Once I asked to a guy: "Listen, why you all cheat on your girlfriends? The train stops at Perugia — a person gets out to the platform — he goes somewhere — gets lost in the hole — wanders for a while — looks for one thing — finds another — enjoys — gets dizzy — wakes up — puts himself in order — gets into the next train — AND goes away, to LIVE forward!

Very strange city Even I have learned to enjoy the time of aperitivo.

Girls from Perugia

But now I have got used to many strange things. On my way to the airport — to go to Sardinia — I met a guy in the bus, a guy from Argentina, lightly stunned from his inside freedom. Until we started the converstaion, he was looking at me and smiling all the time. I was smiling back. He is going somewhere Every day here is like a new of exciting novel. I hope that calling me he will reach Her, a girl — who is really ready to go with him. He stays standing in the line, to find out where the first flight is going to.

Oh, how I love this life I spent it saying goodbye You can say goodbye in different ways. I fell in love with them from the first time, and I know that they would fit me better than her If you know Perugia as native, traveler or as exchange student Rate different characteristics and share your experience.

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Girls from Perugia

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