In need of serious fun

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Releasing creativity means letting go off constraints.

In need of serious fun

By utilizing our Open Innovation approach, you can learn how to act like a startup in product development. We have the experience to enable even the largest companies to act as an Agile startup. By having Open Innovation at the core of our Innovation Programs we bring your whole company along on the innovation journey.

Together we tailor the programs to your needs to tap into the vast competence pool outside your company while ensuring a fit to future practices at your company. This is a core component of our successful Innovation Programs where SeriousFun is the catalyst with the underlying purpose of fostering outside-in thinking. At SeriousFun we bring hands-on innovation assistance from ideation to actual implementation resulting in actual ready-to-scale IoT enabled solutions.

On the why and how your approach to Innovation should contain Open Innovation as an integrated component. Brings you on the ground where the actions happens, are tailor-made to inspire, get you connected and prepare you for Open Innovation. Upon arriving in San Francisco Jim and Martin inspired our team to reach new vistas while learning a new way of working. The combination of networking in Silicon Valley, Agile thinking and acting like a startup was inspirational.

It is impossible not to have this environment of creativity and innovation transform you when you actually live there. I can honestly say I could never return to my old methods and way of working after this experience. Having SeriousFun lead the company visits and tours really gave our group an insiders look at all the innovation worth checking out. We will guide and coach your digital innovation roadmap, product development, and new business creation effort.

With us, you will create new business opportunities, based on innovative products or services, in areas, which are non-core to your existing business. Our approach addresses the challenges with implementation and execution. As your innovation partner and single interface, we manage a select network of external collaborators along the way — from start to finish. We help clients balance the ideation process with solid grounding in engineering and manufacturing. Because SeriousFun understands the entire process we can help avoid missteps and mistakes to insure success.

Our development model is fit to accelerate speed to market for breakout innovations and to scale-up with quality for commercialization. With the help of our global partner network we give you access to any type of competence. It gives us the In need of serious fun to take on all types of projects and sizes.

We work with many and are not limited to any specific partner, but right now we work closely with the ones mentionned below as an example of what capabilties that are in reach. Inthe highly successful cutting tool company Seco Tools decided to explore IoT enabled solutions as one new approach to a highly competitive market.

Seco Tools partnered with SeriousFun and began an open innovation journey.

In need of serious fun

SeriousFun relied on its extensive network to teach Seco how open innovation networks function, how to operate in an Agile way, and how to produce minimal viable products in the matter of weeks. The outcome of the partner journey is the recently launched sensor enabled tool identification platform IDEM which has already won a RedDot De Award. By utilizing Open Innovation companies can learn how to act like startups and adopt their lean methodology. The stealth mission by American cable TV companies was to bring d characters to Sweden as a market test for user generated cartoon making.

While their focus was having fun with connected devices on your cable TV set top box the technical issues were daunting allowing customers to use a smart phone, a tablet or even the remote on their smart TV. While successful solving the technical challenges the project was ultimately tabled. After forging a great working relationship and friendship developing a user generated cartoon platform for the masses they decided to become business partners founding In need of serious fun in SeriousFun started off in a rather unorthodox fashion working across multiple time zones on two different continents.

This geography has proven to be an advantage having a physical presence in these two prospering locations. Jim and Martin combine complementary skills with decades of hands-on experience delivering innovation projects and programs for demanding clients around the globe.

SeriousFun also combines considerable real life experience starting and growing companies. Because taking on very different and unique projects requires a broad set of different skills SeriousFun has developed a network of trusted and vetted partners. This novel service delivery model has made SeriousFun extremely flexible and scalable in terms of project scope. With hard won real life experience building startups, coupled with a record of success working on behalf of large international enterprises SeriousFun shares the best from both worlds with our stakeholders, partners In need of serious fun clients.

Our forte is helping medium to large companies act more like an Agile startup, while also mentoring and investing in select and promising scalable startups to help them grow into big successful enterprises as well. We will get back to you within shortly. Your gateway to a transformational innovation journey. Our Services. Bringing you on the journey of Innovation and helping you navigate the waters.

Lets you start addressing the future digital market and what you will bring to it. Shaped uniquely for you will bring new products and services into your future portfolio. With all the expertise you need working in close collaboration with your product owners.

What our customers say. Matthieu Dassonville. Consultancy Solutions Manager, Seco Tools. Quentin Hardoin. From start to finish, we provide breakout innovation. We bring you to the forefront of innovation. We will challenge to future-proof your company. We guide you all the way from insight to income.

We turn your new business opportunity into customer value. Includes the team and resources you need to launch your new product within 18 months. Global Partner Network. How we helped Seco Tools with open innovation networks. Our History. Contact form.

In need of serious fun In need of serious fun

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