Lonely in Bozeman

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Befrienders is a non-profit c3 organization that provides companionship, support, Lonely in Bozeman friendship for the senior population throughout Gallatin Valley. Our office is located on the second floor of the Bozeman Senior Center at N. Tracy in Bozeman.

Due to life transitions, physical limitations, or other circumstances, seniors may have limited social interactions, or they may simply be in want or need of extra company. Before matching volunteers with a senior, volunteers are trained by us and we check their references and background. As for senior participants, once we receive their applications, our first step is to visit their home and learn more about their interests, hobbies, and personalities.

If the match seems likely to be successful, then, at that point, the weekly visits are thereafter scheduled by the senior and volunteer, themselves, and of course how they choose to spend their time is up to them! Going out to lunch, strolling downtown, playing games, just chatting over tea or coffee, visiting a museum, catching a movie, etc.! Befrienders, founded inhas brought many generations together in a mutually-rewarding relationship by honoring the human spirit and providing life-enriching volunteer opportunities.

The program is free and open to seniors age 65 and older and volunteers age 18 and older. Befrienders is looking for a new Executive Director. If interested, please send a cover letter and to Board President Amanda Torgerson at torgerson. Do you know a senior over the age of 65 who would like a visitor once in a while? Befrienders offers caring and compassionate volunteers that visit with a senior for at least one hour per week.

Enroll Today! Volunteer Looking for a way to get involved with Befrienders? There are lots of opportunities, from becoming a Befriender to a senior, ing our board, or volunteering on our special events Lonely in Bozeman.

Get Involved Now! Support Befrienders If providing support and companionship for a senior is something you believe is important- make a tax-deductible gift today. Donate Now! We see each other frequently and he is very flexible and helpful.

Lonely in Bozeman

He came by recently to help me with my computer and go shopping and to get a haircut. Befrienders Senior. Seniors Volunteer Events Donate. address:. She works with MSU Extension Community Development, where she serves all Montanans by developing and delivering programs that improve the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Her current focus is developing diversity and inclusion, climate change and resiliency, and intergenerational programs and resources.

Deb was ly the program manager for the Montana Grandparents Lonely in Bozeman Grandchildren Project, where she discovered her deep love of connecting with seniors. She was also a Thrive CAP mentor, where she experienced Lonely in Bozeman amazing impact of a one-on-one intergenerational friendship. Working with the Befrienders team is the perfect opportunity to blend these two passions. Deb is an avid reader, writer, and film buff and can usually be found with her head in a book, hunched over a keyboard, or sitting in a dark movie theater, and — when the weather cooperates — catching a baseball game, fly fishing, and hiking.

She le a dedicated group of professionals in providing care and compassion to seniors in independent and assisted living. Working with seniors sinceRachel is an advocate for keeping seniors engaged in their community, nurturing whole body wellness, and actively aging. While passionate about her career, she also loves being outdoors, creating art and crafts, and spending time with family and friends with her husband Ty and three boys Kasey, Henry, and Wes. Cameron has a unique and diverse professional background.

She worked as a Legislative Aide in the U. Senate in Washington D. Cameron has a J. She lives in Bozeman with her husband and daughter and enjoys all Bozeman has to offer… which is everything! Dawn S. Her research interests include well-being throughout the lifespan, with a focus on issues impacting older adults. Dawn began serving on community boards in and has served in a variety of capacities including public relations chair, vice president, and president. When I first became a Befriender, I had no idea what to expect or what types of activities I might do with my new friend.

I was matched with Oliver because we both share an interest in reading. However, while I am blessed to continue with my favorite hobby, Oliver is not. He no longer sees well enough to read. This was a devastating blow to him. When I heard his story I knew that I wanted to be the one to read to him.

Befrienders visitors can provide much needed respite for spouses, children and other caregivers as they know they can take a break from their caregiving responsibilities while the Befrienders is visiting.

Lonely in Bozeman

Thank you so much. In order to calm his nerves, I met them for lunch to talk to him about finding him a new friend this was one month before his current volunteer was due to leave. At this lunch I did something I promised I would never do as the Executive Director of Befrienders — I promised Don that I would find him a new volunteer before his current one left. They had had two children, but both died in childhood. He has only one living brother, who spends a little time in this area during the summer, but is gone all winter.

He has one niece that lives in Belgrade who he speaks very highly of. Aside from this niece, Don has no other visitors, except his Befrienders volunteer. So I decided to take Don on his weekly lunch and Wal-Mart dates. When I went to talk to him about it, it was like I was throwing him a lifeline.

Lonely in Bozeman was so relieved to hear me say that I would make sure he still got out once per week. Having a weekly Befriender visitor means the world to Don. It gets him out. It allows him to feel independent.

Lonely in Bozeman

My friendship with Beverly began quite by accident. It was July of and Bev had a college age Befriender. I was asked to befriend Beverly while her friend was on summer break. I gladly accepted. I had a lot of time on my hands since my husband and I had moved to Bozeman. He had accepted a job that required a long commute and long hours.

It was a big adjustment for us in addition to the big move we had made from Texas. Beverly and I were introduced to each other and quickly became friends. The truth is, we became much more; we became family. I love to cook, and noticed that as a single person, Bev had a lot of microwaveable food in her freezer. Nothing made me happier than cooking for Bev in her kitchen.

Lonely in Bozeman

She would sit and watch me and we would just talk. Lonely in Bozeman I brought pots, pans, bowls or anything else I would need to make our meal. Beverly and I were Befrienders for two years. She was so very special to me. Anytime I traveled, she would want to know when we were leaving and when we were coming back.

She would mark it on the calendar. I always sent her postcards from wherever we traveled. I quickly introduced her to my husband and friends and whenever we had a special occasion in our family, Bev would be included. She was part of our family. Beverly had Parkinsons Disease and had some physical limitations.

Bev had been involved with several different groups and still got together with many of the ladies. She also hosted her Bible study group. When it was too difficult for her to go to them, they came to her. Beverly had a special way about her and was loved by so many. I originally ed Befrienders to be a blessing to someone else.

It turned out that Bev was a bigger blessing to me. I was so thankful for the time I had with Bev. As it turned out, my husband and I made the decision to move back to Colorado to be with family. It was so difficult to leave Bev, but we remained friends and I called her Lonely in Bozeman and kept her up to date on what we were doing.

Sadly, Beverly passed away in July of this year The truth is, we were the lucky ones to have known and loved her. She may be gone, but I will never forget my friend. Befrienders asks for a minimum one-year commitment from its volunteer visitors, though obviously longer is better.

We ask for this commitment because it can be very difficult for a senior to meet someone new every few months. Befriender volunteers are required to spend a minimum of one hour per week visiting with their senior. If you and your senior would like to make the visits longer or more frequent, you may feel free to do so. It is completely understandable that visitors will need to miss their visits from time to time.

Please always make sure your senior knows if you are going to miss a visit and if you are going to be gone for two or more weeks, please also let the Executive Director of Befrienders know by calling While you are away, please consider calling or sending mail to your senior as they may be especially lonely in your absence. This does not mean they will not benefit from having an additional visitor. It is very rare for a senior in our program to be able to drive. For this reason, it is helpful if Befrienders visitors have a car and are willing to drive their senior places such as the grocery store, pharmacy, and library.

That having been said, Befrienders does accept volunteers who do not own a car. Each volunteer is required to attend a two-hour training before entering our program. If you would like to have your children accompany you on visits, please make sure you tell Befrienders. Some seniors love having children visit them, but others do not.

It may be more difficult to match a parent with to a senior, but we do it and for those seniors that like having children around, it can be such a happy match! Call Befrienders anytime at or info befriendersbozeman.

Lonely in Bozeman

email: [email protected] - phone:(544) 926-3393 x 5861

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