Looking for a white queen

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It's jam every other day: to-day isn't any other day, you know. Everything was happening so oddly that she didn't feel a bit surprised at finding the Red Queen and the White Queen sitting close to her, one on each side: she would have liked very much to ask them how they came there, but she feared it would not be quite civil. It spoke in a thick, suety sort of voice, and Alice hadn't a word to say in reply: she could only sit and look at it and gasp.

Through the Looking-Glass.

Looking for a white queen

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Everything you need for every book you read. The way the content is organized and presented is seamlessly smooth, innovative, and comprehensive. One of the queens in Looking-glass World. Alice finds her extremely perplexing and not particularly queen-like. She spends the entire novel in a state of disarray, as she cannot keep track of her shawl and lost her hairbrush in the mess of her hair. Alice kindly tries to put the queen right, but though the queen appreciates Alice's help it seems to not make much of a difference. The White Queen introduces Alice to the idea that a person can remember in both directions—that is, remember the future and the past.

As an example, she says that a man is currently being punished for a crime he hasn't committed yet, but when Alice asks what will happen if the man doesn't commit the crime, the White Queen offers a disturbing answer: that punishments are unequivocally good, whether someone committed a crime to deserve them or not.

Looking for a white queen

The White Queen can move very quickly around the chessboard and Alice sees her running hard at one point. She appears with Alice and the Red Queen once Alice reaches the Eighth Square to give Alice another lesson in logic, riddles, and how to carry herself as a queen. According to the Red Queen, the White Queen came from humble beginnings and so sometimes says silly things.

Upon waking, Alice believes that her cat, Snowdropappeared as the White Queen in her dream, and that the White Queen was so disheveled throughout the dream because Snowdrop was in the middle of a bath. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:.

Chapter 5: Wool and Water Quotes. Related Themes: Rules and Etiquette. and Citation : Cite this Quote. Explanation and Analysis:. Chapters Queen Alice; Shaking Quotes. Related Symbols: Alice's Crown. Related Themes: Adulthood and the Looking for a white queen World. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.

Chapter 1: Looking-Glass House. The pieces seem not to hear or see Alice. A white pawn on the The White Queen gasps in surprise and sits next to Lily to catch her breath. She shouts at When Alice returns to the table with the ink, she listens to the White Queen and the White King discussing what happened.

The king declares that he'll never forget the Chapter 2: The Garden of Live Flowers. She says that Alice will start Chapter 5: Wool and Water.

Looking for a white queen

Alice catches the shawl and sees the White Queen running toward her. Alice helps the queen put her shawl back on and, as the Alice turns down the job and says she doesn't like jam. The White Queen points out that Alice can't have the jam anyway—she can only have jam tomorrow and Before Alice can suggest that they've made a mistake in their logic, the White Queen starts screaming that her finger is bleeding. The queen explains that she's going to prick She says she's glad, and the White Queen moans that she wishes she could be happy.

Alice remembers that she's actually very lonely Alice asks if the White Queen 's finger is better but, as the queen answers, Alice finds herself in a dark Chapter 6: Humpty Dumpty.

Looking for a white queen

Puzzled, Alice asks what an un-birthday present is. When Humpty Dumpty Chapter 7: The Lion and the Unicorn. Alice watches silently and then notices the White Queen running in the distance. The king says that someone is probably chasing her and when Chapters Queen Alice; Shaking.

She decides to practice and, if she really is a queen, she'll be fine. The White Queen and the Red Queen suddenly appear next to her. She wants to ask them how, Concerned, Alice insists that she just said "if," which makes the Red Queen and White Queen exchange looks and shudder. The White Queen moans that Alice said more than that, and The White Queen invites the Red Queen in turn. Alice thinks that this is all nonsense. Alice asks the White Queen if she can The White Queen says that Humpty Dumpty saw "it" when he showed up with a corkscrew looking for The White Queen complains of being sleepy and puts her head on Alice's shoulder.

The Red Queen instructs Other voices in the chorus. The voice sings the second verse and Alice She asks why everyone loves fish here. The White Queen recites her riddle. It begins by saying that catching and cooking the fish is easy, The White Queen Cite This. Home About Story Contact Help. Alice. The White Queen Character Analysis. Next The Red Queen.

Looking for a white queen

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