My girlfriend in manhattan

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We got engaged in New York so it has a special place in our heart. While we were there, we checked out all of the best couples activities in NYC. Based on our experience and research, here are what we believe are the 32 most romantic things to do in NYC for couples.

On this sightseeing cruise, expect relaxation alongside a complimentary glass of bubbly. Each stop offers unobstructed views of Manhattan, the perfect background for an enchanting evening. You and your loved one can relish in the staple sights, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, and the One World Trade Center, all while avoiding the masses. If an intimate conversation with a stellar view is your jive, then this night time river cruise has you covered. Walk hand in hand through acres of blooms at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. One of the best couple things to do in NYC. At your own pace, you can meander through the woodlands, terraces, and ornamental grasses.

The final course is a decadent chocolate torte! Making a daytime soiree into a romantic affair is now at your disposal. A little live music is sure to set the mood. This afternoon Jazz show offers the perfect ambiance for love to flourish. Each performer at the iconic Club Bonafide knows how to put on a show. Add in a stop to Club Bonafide for a memorable evening filled with romance.

Instead of gearing up for a road trip to the My girlfriend in manhattan, you can experience one of the natural wonders of the world after a quick flight from Manhattan. You can call this date romance in Manhattan. With transfer service included, this day-long trip is packed full of action.

My girlfriend in manhattan

Once at the Falls, prepare for precipitation. The small-group tour is the perfect environment for an intimate look at the history of the area. The pace is of no concern, as your guide adapts with your ability. Sharing this meaningful and collective adventure with someone who enjoys interactive and educational experiences. Not a fan of waiting in long lines? Then this fast pass to the 86th-floor Observatory Deck at the Empire State Building is right up your alley. Paired with a complimentary interactive multimedia tour, this date night can be educational as well. The best way to end the day after such an unmatched experience is to cheers with a complimentary glass of beer or wine over dinner on the first-floor STATE Grill and Bar.

Take your romantic excursion to the next level by starting your date with a visit to the iconic Guggenheim Museum. This has to rate as the most romantic place to bring your girlfriend in NYC. This minute tour is a magical experience meant to be shared. My girlfriend in manhattan two miles of terraces and green fields, as your guide narrates your whereabouts.

This park-side picnic would make a Nicholas Sparks book jealous. Fully set with pillows and blankets, this full-service picnic is swoon-worthy. Simply upgrade to include a complimentary sparkling beverage.

My girlfriend in manhattan

Cuddle up with your partner on a checkered blanket and live out the picnic date of your dreams. Try going during sundown so that you can enjoy golden-hour from the pond. This activity can be paired with a picnic or a stroll around the block. Your ideal romantic date could revolve around just a couple of blocks. Let love take flight on this Manhattan sky tour.

With a birds-eye view of the concrete jungle, you can expect breathtakingly beautiful moments packed back to back. Seek discomfort as you and your loved one overcome a fear of heights. This safety ensured departure takes flight over all of the classic staples the city has to offer. With photo opportunities and multiple departure times, this date activity has everything a New York lover could ask for. With cocktails for purchase and a plethora of merchandise, the night will be easily commemorated.

A stroll down the streets flooded with marquees will have show biz fanatics filled with flurries. Pas de bourree your way to a Broadway show for your next date night! Listen to the sounds of the Naked Cowboy strum his guitar and the shuffle of feet headed for the subway as you soak in life in the Big Apple. Why not share that feeling with someone you love? Built above a freight rail line, this West Side Manhattan space is free to all and filled with plenty to keep you busy. Fully equipped with many food and beverage establishments, their sustainable options will have you savoring every last bite.

With its stadium seating and many public spaces, this could be your new go-to date spot for a brunch with a view. One of the best things to do for couples in NYC. Encounter wildlife, ride a camel, or even feed the penguins! Put a pep in your step as you walk alongside your beau through the butterfly exhibit. The colorful wings of a Painted Lady Butterfly may even graze your hair during this fully immersive experience.

Your ificant other is brimming with excitement at the suspense. What will the evening look like? You stop by the Ballet for prosecco and fine arts. The scene inspires you to put My girlfriend in manhattan own moves to the test.

Afterward, decide against a sit-down dinner and hit the streets for live music and some swing dancing. On the way to a dinner reservation, plan a visit to the dazzling station. Better yet, tell your companion to find you at Grand Central. Those with a taste for the finer things in life will adore a reservation at any of their recommended restaurants. From casual to lavish, the guide covers a plethora of culinary establishments. Dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant means an unforgettable round-up for dishes. And we all know a marvelous meal is the pinnacle of romance.

Want to see a sparkle in her eyes? Take her on a date night through the Diamond district in. The illuminated shops are filled with lovers buying jewelry. Centered around passion, diamonds bring visions of happily ever after. Surround yourself with people that are just as head over heels as you are! Definitely one of the most romantic places in NYC.

For acres, you and your sweetheart can drift between greenhouses and linger in meadows of blooms. Admission is free on Tuesdays and Saturdays fromso jump over for free and gear up for a delightful brunch. Book buffs and history lovers unite in this dazzling display of art.

Fully equipped with a surround sound space theatre, the planetarium performs a show of hyper realistic planets and stars. Point out more than just the big dipper after this evening affair. The vast amount of visual art will keep you on your toes as you jump from exhibits. If arts, events, and education are your preference, their seasonal calendar is full of dates to tickle your fancy.

Brought to you by the Metropolitan Museum of Artthis branch is entirely devoted to medieval Europe. With over 2, art pieces to enjoy, from illuminated manuscripts, to stained glass, The Cloisters is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet day with your loved one. Your eyes are sure to be dazzled once you walk through the elaborate roman-esque doorways.

This Washington Heights locale hosts a plethora of exciting events for a special evening. The My girlfriend in manhattan skyline. Cheers a glass as you stare out into the vast concrete jungle. T SoHo over the Hudson River. This revamped laundromat has pinball and prosecco. The hideaway establishments elevate a simple drink into an evening experience. Red wine and romance. Could you name a better duo? With options to bike down the vineyard or simply sit and enjoy appetizers, a twilight wine tasting will make for an unforgettable evening of romance and vino.

Definitely one of the best date ideas in Long Island! Hudson Valley is also a great place to see sunflowers. The intrigue of a museum dedicated entirely toward sex and love is without a doubt a means of making sparks fly.

Located on Fifth Avenue, this afternoon delight could easily be added as a stop on a day long date. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is filled with beautiful s of history for your viewing pleasure. This iconic museum truly has it all with guided tours, festivals, and a sweet cafe. Their range of styles cover abstract, to contemporary. Book a date night at the museum for a classic evening out. Venture deep into the underground passageways of historic New York City. This guided tour is informative and interactive, as you learn the ways of the broken down boulevards.

One of New Yorks best kept secrets! Smooth ice and hot chocolate are in your My girlfriend in manhattan future if you opt to go gliding hand in hand on the Wollman Rink.

My girlfriend in manhattan

One of the best romantic things to do in NYC in winter. Opened inthis staple of New York is practically out of a postcard. Test your axles or hang on to the railings as your complete circles on the crisp frozen ground. The spectacular skyline view will be dusted in snow if you chose to visit during the winter months. Meet your favorite celebrities, sporting icons, and politicians. Madame Tussauds is home to five floors of famous names and faces. A fun romantic date in NYC. If enjoying interactive experiences at your own pace is your fancy, then this is the museum for you. Giggle at the wax figures with your sweetheart as your dart between exhibits.

A goofy selfie with a politician is a great ice breaker before committing to a sit down dinner. The best part? Check off a bucket-list item with your beau as you float along the shore. You might also like to see our guide to the best views of the statute of liberty. You might want to caption your trip with one of these statue of liberty quotes! A guide is there to give you all the information you can absorb, while still leaving time for your dinner reservation after.

Experience history alongside an expert for a night of learning and observing. This impactful date is the perfect shared experience. There are some really great coffee shops to enjoy outside of Starbucks in NYC. We are a big fan of visiting a coffee shop, especially as a fun rainy day date idea! If you want a suggestion as to where to go, Long Island City is a great area of NY to check out for good and reasonably priced coffee shops.

If you are interested to go, here is a list of our 7 fav coffee shops in Long Island City. Or My girlfriend in manhattan might even like to go on a road trip from New York to Niagara falls you might even like to check out the nearby town of Buffalo!

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My girlfriend in manhattan

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