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Although he's mostly known for his comedic work on FX's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," year-old Danny DeVito has proven himself as a film actor with an impressive range. With an extensive career that spans nearly 50 years, DeVito's work has been met with varying degrees of critical reception. Here are 10 of the best and 10 of the worst films in DeVito's filmographyaccording to critical scores on Rotten Tomatoes:. Summary : Set in Los Angeles during the early s, the dramatic thriller "L. Confidential" explores the dark side of the police force in the Hollywood hills. Critics hailed "L.

Confidential" as a thrilling film noir with a compelling central cast. As critic Jay Boyar of the Orlando Sentinel wrote: "Spicy and boiling-hot, this sensational early-'50s crime drama is a morality play disguised as pulp fiction — a sprawling saga of corruption and redemption set against a flashy West Coast backdrop. Largely regarded by critics as a classic film in the world of cinema, reviews point to the movie's effortless direction and the talents of Need some Deviot play cast assembled on screen.

Barbara's bitter husband Sam DeVito refuses to pay up, causing Barbara to bond with her captors. Despite the broad comedic nature of "Ruthless People," critics found the film endearing and well-crafted. Summary : Raised amongst a volatile family that discourages her from learning and growing, Matilda Wormwood Mara Wilson realizes at a young age that she has supernatural abilities.

Despite her parents' Rhea Perlman and Need some Deviot play attempts to squash her curiosity, Matilda uses her intelligence to help others. Critics had heaps of praise for the family film "Matilda," which was directed and narrated by DeVito. Film critic Roger Ebert wrote: "'Matilda' doesn't condescend to children, it doesn't sentimentalize, and as a result it feels heartfelt and sincere. It's funny, too. Summary : In the comedy "Get Shorty," mobster Chili Palmer John Travolta travels to Los Angeles to collect a debt and he finds that the Hollywood industry doesn't differ too much from the world he knows in the mafia.

A perfect cast and great script, based on a hilariously witty best seller, are key elements," wrote David Hunter for The Hollywood Reporter. Summary : The adventure comedy "Romancing the Stone" tells the story of famed novelist Joan Wilder Kathleen Turner as she ventures into a dangerous jungle in the hopes of rescuing her sister from art dealers Zack Norman and DeVito.

Teaming up with exotic animal smuggler Jack T. Colton Michael DouglasJoan tries to save her sister and seek out a hidden treasure before it's too late. As D'Amato tells the story, he reveals how the turbulent divorce proceedings between the Roses escalated out of control. Critics lauded the distinctive narrative style of "War of the Roses," which was also directed by DeVito. Summary : In Disney's animated film "Hercules," the young titular hero voiced by Tate Donovan is a god raised alongside humans.

Adults will enjoy it as well, thanks to its animated artistry and sly wit. Variety reporter James Harwood wrote: "Brooks' dialog is wonderful throughout and all the characters carry off their asments beautifully, even down to Danny De Vito and Norman Bennett as MacLaine's other suffering suitors. Summary : "The Rainmaker" is a drama centered around a plucky law-school graduate Rudy Baylor Matt Damon who takes on a legal battle with an insurance company on behalf of a young woman Claire Danes whose son is battling cancer. With the help of Deck Shifflet DeVito the two set up a practice and attempt to form a strong defense.

Critics praised "The Rainmaker" as an intelligent and nuanced legal drama with genuine heart.

Need some Deviot play

As Jack Matthews wrote for the Los Angeles Times : "Coppola has infused 'The Rainmaker' with enough humor, character, honest emotion and storytelling style to make it one of the year's most entertaining movies. Summary : In the comedy "The Oh in Ohio," married couple Priscilla Parker Posey and Jack Paul Rudd experience sexual frustration in their marriage and seek satisfaction from other people. Summary : In the romantic comedy "When in Rome," Beth Kristen Bell swipes coins from a wishing fountain in Italy and finds herself being pursued by the very men who threw those coins in.

Critics felt that "When in Rome" failed to introduce anything new to the well-trodden romantic-comedy genre.

Need some Deviot play

Eager to prove himself, amateur actor Rudy Valentine Gene Wilder auditions for the part. Critics wrote that "The World's Greatest Lover" came across as too silly and lacked consistency. Summary : Set in s Hollywood, "Hotel Noir" is a dramatic thriller about a detective who checks into a hotel to wait for his adversaries to catch up with him.

Time Out critic David Fear wrote : "You never lose the nagging sense that you're simply watching a high-school drama club's production of '40s fatalism chic. Crock Elaine Stritch by stealing her treasured dog. When things get out of hand, the police suspect that Willard himself has been kidnapped.

In an attempt to throw off the police, Willard asks Need some Deviot play mortician Grover Cleaver DeVito to help him find a dead body that can pass as him. Critics felt that the low production value of "Screwed" made it feel like a second-rate television movie more than a feature film. Despite giving a negative review, critic Stephen Holden was at least won over by DeVito's performance in the film. Summary : In the comedy "Renaissance Man," DeVito stars as Bill Rago, a new teacher who tries to connect with the soldiers in his literacy class who have been deemed unteachable.

Tasked with only six weeks to teach them English and literature, Rago does his best to inspire his unconventional students. After Max calls the police on Kevin and personally affronts him, Kevin vows to stop at nothing to get back at the billionaire. Summary : In the comedy "Deck the Halls," the holiday season falls upon a suburban neighborhood, inciting an unexpected decoration battle between neighbors Steve Finch Matthew Broderick and Buddy Hall DeVito.

As the escalating antics get out of hand, jealousy and rage get the better of the two men and threaten to spoil their Christmas cheer. Any pleasure critics derived from the film was wrought from unintentional humor, with many critics calling "Deck the Halls" messy and overstuffed holiday fare. Summary : The satirical black comedy "Head Office" focuses on Jack Issel Judge Reinholda recent graduate from business school who stakes his claim within a large industrial company.

Need some Deviot play

The comedy "Head Office" was raked through the coals by film critics who called it empty and lazily written. The two canines have to take action when the lives of their owners John Travolta and Kirstie Alley are put in danger. Critics felt "Look Who's Talking Now" was an unnecessary sequel with low-brow humor from a franchise that already wrung out its potential in earlier films.

World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Meghan Cook. Confidential" Visit Insider's home for more stories. Danny DeVito's best film is "L. He was Sam Stone in "Ruthless People" The Need some Deviot play performed in, directed, and narrated "Matilda" He was Ralph in the adventure film "Romancing the Stone" The actor voiced Phil in the Disney classic "Hercules" He played Deck Shifflet in the legal drama "The Rainmaker" On the other end of the spectrum, he was Wayne in the comedy "The Oh in Ohio" He played Al in the romantic comedy "When in Rome" In "Hotel Noir" he appeared as Eugene Portland.

DeVito was Grover Cleaver in "Screwed" In "Renaissance Man" the actor played Bill Rago. He played Stedman in the comedy "Head Office" Loading Something is loading. address.

Need some Deviot play

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Need some Deviot play