Outside and in friends m

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Outside and in friends m

As a career coach, I regularly hear from writers and journalists in the media who have powerful questions involving how to build a successful career. They typically ask questions around how to avoid making big mistakes in navigating through specific tough challenges. Most often, these are complex issues that don't have an easy, black and white answer because they touch on the deeper aspects of human experience, such as power dynamics, dealing with bias, staying emotionally well during crisis, boundary development, demonstrating integrity, and more.

Recently, I heard from writer Aly Semigran who was developing a piece on whether employees and bosses can be friends. Her full questions were really insightful and probing, and many of her questions are the same I've heard from my own career coaching clients and course members over the years. Below are my full responses to her questions on how it can work effectively and why it frequently doesn't when bosses and employees are friends outside of work.

Outside and in friends m

That said, it can also backfire terribly, as it also has in my own life and there are some real pitfalls to watch out for in developing a friendship with your boss or employee. A romantic relationship is far trickier, and not advisable.

And if and when the relationship falters, there can be a huge price to pay.

Outside and in friends m

Let's say an employee gets along with their boss and is thinking about trying to spark up a friendship, what's the best way to go about this? Perhaps they have a meeting at work and afterwards, one says to the other, "Want to go have lunch?

Does the same go for the boss who gets along with their employee and wants to pursue a friendship outside of work? Pretending there isn't is just denial. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a boss and employee being friends? Should rules be set in place for a boss and employee who are friends? For instance, should they not talk about work things outside of the office, and vice versa?

What about things like money and raises?

Outside and in friends m

Money, promotions, raises, bonuses — all compensation related matters that are handled in the purview of work should not be discussed outside of work. And they need to be discussed at work only under the appropriate conditions and at the right times. How should a boss and employee handle the concerns of other employees who may think the befriended employee gets preferential treatment? The best way to handle this is to ensure there IS no preferential treatment. There will probably be some jealousy and concern on the part of other department members when they see a close friendship forming between their boss and a particular individual.

Outside and in friends m

How should an employee make sure their friendship including time outside of the office spent together, or even disagreementsdoesn't bleed over? Effective management of personal relationships with bosses and other colleagues takes strong mindset and emotional management and maturity. As a trained therapist and coach, I can say that this is very challenging for most people. After all, most of us spend more time with our work colleagues than with anyone else in our lives, including our families.

And often, you want to share, explore and sometimes vent about it. Doing so together creates a sense of shared experience, validation, connection and deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Building great relationships at work can enrich your professional experience and success, but it can also crush it. Be careful to manage these relationships with all the maturity, well-defined boundaries, equanimity and self-awareness you can muster. I'm a career and executive coach, writer, speaker, and educator dedicated to the advancement of women in business.

Outside and in friends m

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Outside and in friends m Outside and in friends m

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