Seeking a big adventure

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The global spread of the coronavirus is disrupting travel.

Seeking a big adventure

Our travel writers have rounded up 18 adventures with a difference. Seeking inspiration for your next big adventure? Then look no further. The only thing left for you to do is to decide which unique experience should be next on your travel hitlist. From here, it le up through small villages and towns, often with the Mekong in sight, but sometimes leaving it far behind as participants cycle through dragon fruit farms and rice paddies, perhaps passing local festivals or weddings, where mutual astonishment is shared by Lycra-clad riders and revellers.

Riders will want to regularly refuel — the topography is mercifully flat, but the humidity is relentless, — and thankfully roide fruit and juice stands are plentiful. Pedalling north, across the Cambodian border, new bikes await. Historical and cultural lessons are offered by guides along the way, and at the final stop, in Siem Reap, a day can be spent cycling around the mighty temples of Angkor. Unconquerable on foot in a day, the 72 ruins that once stood as a vast Khmer city, crowned by the temple of Angkor is surprisingly easily navigated by bike, and Seeking a big adventure around the UNESCO World Heritage Site, often described as the finest archaeological site in South East Asia, makes for a spectacular reward at the end of a week of cycling up the Mekong.

While South African giraffes are thriving, habitat loss has caused a sharp decline in sub-species in countries to the north. It may not reach the same altitudes as its Peruvian rival, Machu Picchu, but the five-day Ciudad Perdida trek is just as challenging. Archaeological work is ongoing at Ciudad Perdida — built around years before Machu Pichu — and has already uncovered terraces carved into the mountainside, all accessed via 1, stone steps. And, having made it all the way to the 1,year-old ruins, hikers return the same route, traversing mountain and rivers back to Santa Marta.

Over the course of 50 hours, the Zephyr travels through three time zones and seven states, traversing Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska before ramping up to the blockbuster landscapes of Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. But just spending three days watching the great American outdoors spool past the window is a luxury in itself.

Visit in June, and you might catch a fautasi race, which sees islanders compete in traditional long boats that can accommodate crews of up to Seeking a big adventure There are plenty of year-round activities, too, such as hiking remote trails in rainforest-filled volcanic craters, testing your nerve with a ft plunge into the To-Sua Ocean Trench and watching jets of water burst from the Alofaaga Blowholes. Days end at guest houses with cold beers and sunset views. Deep inside a great cauldron of eight mountains, in north-eastern Pakistan, the Hunza Valley was cut off from the outside world until the completion of the Karakoram Highway in Famed for its 32 varieties of apricots, spring is the best time to visit when valley air flutters with blossoms.

A three-hour hike from the village of Tato le travellers to Fairy Meadow National Seeking a big adventure — a 10,ft-high alpine idyll, at the base of Nanga Parbat. The sight of the snow-dusted peaks mirrored perfectly in the clear mountain ponds is mesmerising. Take strolls across the juniper- and pine-scented plateau and keep an eye out for blue-eyed fairies. Local legend has it this area is paradise for these mystical creatures. They loom over the colonnades and chapels of Antigua Guatemala, their peaks snagging passing clouds and encircling market towns home to communities of indigenous Maya.

Local adventure outfits have sprung up in recent years, hoping to tempt travellers to explore the peaks with seasoned guides. Becoming a citizen scientist adds depth and purpose to a snorkelling adventure. The team operates in July, the busiest month for sightings, when aerial surveys count up to whale sharks near the research boat, many surrounded by remora fish.

As well as collecting whale shark data, the team is trying to determine if the local giant manta rays are a new species. Most whale shark encounters are in clear water where, by free-diving down, you can marvel at these gentle giants looming overhead, blocking out the light.

This was once a place of bandits and outcasts, where cowboys roamed and legends were made. Route 33 offers a thrilling road trip through the area, with various options for breaks along the way. Board a tall ship in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to embark on an Atlantic sailing adventure, learning how to navigate, set the rigging and unfurl sails.

Keep your eyes peeled: the nutrient-rich waters between the islands are great place to spot cetaceans. Short-finned pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins often leap through the waves, while migratory species such as spotted, striped and rough-toothed dolphins sometimes appear. This is an opportunity to commune with nature, exploring grasslands, eucalyptus forests, creeks and mountain trails.

Treks along the Scenic Rim Trail range from two days to a full week, with local guides teaching you bushcraft secrets en route: learn which plants to eat, how to locate honey and the best way to catch yabbies. This is a cultural adventure, taking in remote towns such as Perm and Irkutsk while sleeping in what amounts to a mobile guesthouse.

Seeking a big adventure

The dormitory-like platzkart third-class carriages offer the best opportunities to mingle, perhaps by sharing meals of homemade black bread, cured meat, smoked fish and blueberry waffles bought from vendors on the platforms. Since its launch inthe route of the Central Asia Rally has changed many times, but now offers an approximate Silk Road adventure in reverse. The 4,mile car rally kicks off in Astrakhan, Russia, with participants taking two weeks to travel east through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan before finishing in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

For those unsure of what to drive, the Travel Scientists, who pioneered the race, can make arrangements in Astrakhan. Typically taking four days, it requires good levels of fitness and a basic knowledge of wild camping. Porters and guides are recommended, given the challenging terrain, lack of age and unpredictable weather. The serrated mountains that give the route its name stretch skywards above lakes and waterfalls; the route cuts through the peaks, before heading over the Virginia Pass.

The final, dramatic descent passes a sapphire lake en route back to Puerto Williams. Sinceconservation efforts in Nepal have led to the country becoming the first in the world to double its tiger population, which now totals around With abundant fresh water, an ample of deer, and little in the way of human development, the cats thrive here.

Nature drives and walks are offered every day from lodges such as the excellent Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge, where sightings of Asian elephants and endangered one-horned rhinos are common, even if the naturally elusive feline predators remain far from a guaranteed encounter. The greatest treasure of Kwa'Zulu Natal Seeking a big adventure, in South Africa, is its enigmatic living culture: over 10 million Zulu call it home. Encompassing the dramatic, dragon-spine peaks of the Drakensberg, and grasslands rolling out to meet the Indian Ocean, the eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal offers wilderness in excess.

But the greatest treasure of this land is its enigmatic living culture. Over 10 million Zulu live across the state, proudly preserving ancient traditions that had been cultivated during the 19th century when legendary warrior Shaka Zulu built an empire across Southern Africa.

Seeking a big adventure

Arrive in Durban and meet guide Thoko Jilli, of Wisdom Tours, who eschews the oft-staged cultural dances and buffets of local lodges in favour of tours into the undulating, emerald region known as the Valley of a Thousand Hills. Just an hour from the city, experience daily life in a rural hamlet with which Thoko has close ties. Here, you can break bread with local women in a Seeking a big adventure a thatched building shaped like a drum ; hear poetry in the sonorous isiZulu language; and learn about spirituality, exploring sacred stone Shembe circles and meeting with a sangoma ancestral healer or inyanga medicine man.

Twitter Facebook Instagram. National Geographic National Geographic. From riding the rails through Siberia to bush camping in Queensland, our thrill-seeking writers have selected their favourite trips for you to add to your travel hitlist. Photograph by AWL Images. A fruit seller rows into a floating marketplace in the Mekong Delta region, Vietnam. Photograph by Getty Images. Hiking a forest trail on the clifftops of the Lycian Way, Turkey. Navigating the turquoise waters of Attabad Lake, Karakoram.

Snorkel with whale sharks in Mexico Becoming a citizen scientist adds depth and purpose to a snorkelling adventure. A carpet weaver makes a traditional silk carpet in Itchan Kala, Uzbekistan. Safari on foot in tiger country, Nepal Sinceconservation efforts in Nepal have led to the country becoming the first in the world to double its tiger population, which now totals around Adventure Travel. Cultural Tourism. Wildlife Watching.

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Seeking a big adventure

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