Seeking straight friends

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I try to ask, but I am met with smirks, half-explanations and at worst I am ignored. I soon learn to smile along with the others, smirk and snort as they do. I end up talking to the only girl of the group.

Seeking straight friends

We have nothing in common except she is equally as bored with the conversation as I am. Now, this event would not have irritated me much, except that it is part of a trend that I have been experiencing my entire life. Context aside, this singer formerly unknown to me became the topic of discussion for the entire week, and the week after, and frequently re-appeared throughout the term. Yet the conversation also took different forms: sometimes it was about TV shows I had never watched, football games I had no interest in or humorous videos I had never seen.

And although I do accept the fact that we may have been very different people with very different interests, I also find it hard to believe that we could not have found some common ground, if they had just been bothered. In my teenage naivety, I Seeking straight friends all this wash over me.

But as I moved into second year I started noticing this behaviour more and more. On a train one time, I attempt to make conversation with my straight friend opposite me. He looks me up and down, ignores me, and then turns round to talk to my heterosexual friends. Not an uncommon occurrence. Later that year, a straight friend is being teased at pre-drinks about being attracted to a famous sportsman. He is embarrassed by the jokes and eventually becomes angry and sullen - apparently believing that there exists nothing more embarrassing than being attracted to someone of the same gender.

I observe in complete silence.

Seeking straight friends

The saddest thing is that I realised recently how this straight male rejection has affected me. When asked to the flat hunt with a group of men I turned them down, attempting to pre-empt the rejection I would doubtlessly receive.

Seeking straight friends

One time at a party last year, in order to reach the toilets I had to walk through a throng of l. I feared them, their stares and whispers. One of them started talking to me, I was petrified. Men and Gender Equality. It is the result of hundreds of isolated incidents, just the very Seeking straight friends of which grace this text.

But in every upset there is something to be learnt. I learnt that none of this rejection was my fault. I learnt to stop chasing validation through straight male friends. Varsity is the independent newspaper for the University of Cambridge, established in its current form in In order to maintain our editorial independence, our print newspaper and news website receives no funding from the University of Cambridge or its constituent Colleges. We are therefore almost entirely reliant on advertising for funding, and during this unprecedented global crisis, we expect to have a tough few months and years ahead.

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Seeking straight friends

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