Serbia ladies naughty website

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City guide ratings explained. Belgrade has a gritty, but lively vibe. The city itself is not as pretty as other Balkan capitals such as Ljubljana or Zagreb, but it certainly beats the likes of Serbia ladies naughty website, Tirana, or Sofia. The grandeur and views from the fortress also gives the city an edge. The best thing about the city is the women. They also tend to be very friendly, well-educated, and fun-loving. By Eastern European standards, the nightlife is great! Serbian girls are the full package. What you think of the women there will largely depend on what season you go.

In my opinion, only my experience in Kiev compares in terms of quality. Serbian women are quite tall. The majority of women have dark hair, but you find more blondes here than anywhere else in the Balkans. They have pretty faces and they take great care of their bodies. You will almost never see a fat chick. Demographics: Belgrade has a population of 1.

I expected to them to be cold like Moscowvites, but I was pleasantly surprised. The country is still largley off-the-radar for tourists, so foreigners still have a degree of exotic capital and receive a warm welcome as a result. Serbian women are slightly more conservative than those in Western countries, Croatia and Slovenia, but they are more liberal than Macedonians, Albanians and Bosnians. One night stands are very possible. Gaming Strategy: Most pick-up guys who have visited the city say the same thing: day game is king. The streets are literally teeming with hot girls during daylight.

The best spots for day game are Republic Square, Belgrade fortress, and the main pedestrian street, Kneza Mihaila. At night, everything depends on the venue.

Serbia ladies naughty website

The choice is overwhelming. The club scene can be a little pretentious. That said, there is a great pub and disco-bar scene. Just follow my recommendations below. Regardless of your method, Serbian girls are pretty approachable and their level of English is excellent. Language is not an issue. Accommodation : Aside from AirBnb, there are many other websites for apartment rental in Belgrade. Regardless of the season, stay as near as possible to Republic Square. We stayed in Apartment Summer with Basco Apartments.

I highly recommend it. Getting High: Weed was surprising easy to get your hands on. You just have to ask around with young people around the likes of Republic Square. Gym: Check out Green Zone gym. The bar scene is cool, but the club scene is so-so. Hopefully you can find a happy medium to suit you. While the splav scene is some kicking 7 nights a week, the quality of these venues Serbia ladies naughty website disappointing. Most decent places a require males to reserve tables in advance b only do bottle service and encourage you to stay at your table and c are pretentious as balls and play terrible techno turbofolk horseshit that makes you want to drill your brains out.

There are 8s and 9s a plenty. It was even packed on a Tuesday. If you really want to have fun, I recommend Povetarac Splav. Most Belgradians will scoff at this suggestion. No matter where we went those summer nights, we always ended up back at this place. It attracted a crowd every night, the DJs played everything from Mo-Town to Calvin Harris, and the girls were a cool mix of foreigners and liberal locals.

The only problem is the quality can be hit or miss and the male to female ratio can really suck. Regardless, this place was by far the most craic and my crew and I had few problems pulling here. There is plenty of action in the city centre. Another great option is Zaokret less atmosphere, but better location.

Serbia ladies naughty website

You do a small bar-hop here if you like, but my advice is just to do one or two venues and keep moving. My favourite spot was hipster hangout Polet. After here, head to one of the most interesting bars in Belgrade, Balznavac. Be sure to explore all its nooks and crannys, and not miss the back area. Around midnight head west to somewhere more lively. Near Republic Square a really cool venue is Wurst Platz. One smaller area has is more for dancing, and a larger area had live music and more of a pub vibe. Crowd is a mix. Further westm others players recommend several venues around the Brankov bridge, the student area.

The only one I checked out was nightclub Tranzitwhich I vaguely recall because I was wasted, but I remember thinking it was cool. For more info I strongly recommend you check out the other reports mentioned below in the Resources section. My Belgrade Experience. My second visit was way better than the first.

Serbia ladies naughty website

My first time was tame as I was travelling with a Scandinavian girl in the middle of winter. This time around, we were five l on a 3-day piss up. Everybody loved the city! One night, we invited a load of girls from Povetarac back to our apartment for an after party. I bedded a sultry Greek and my bro was with a cute local. Wanting to meet some Serbs myself, I also went on dates with two local girls my last day. She was cool about it though.

I also met with forum member Omsy for a coffee. Cool guy. The girls here are truly beautiful. They are slim, they now how to dress, and they have very pretty faces as well. People are very tall, including the girls especially with heels. The city itself has a genuine feel to it, not yet affected by mass exodus of tourists which I liked, the negative to this factor is that it can become very clicky. In the summer, during the day, I noticed most people like to hang in the cafes, from around midday to 11 pm, they hang out in tight groups and I found it hard to integrate into these groups via cold approaches.

My general view is that you will have more fun if you know a few locals in the city, I feel the barriers are broken more easily when a you can speak Serbian and b you are introduced to people and considered a somewhat local. Furthermore, due to the clicky Serbia ladies naughty website of the place, you have to be extremely active in approaching and making opportunities happen.

Why not check out more cheeky City Guides? For more info on Serbia, or if you have any questions, check out the links below or leave a comment. Everything about Serbian women by Reborn Masculinity. Belgrade Discussion Thread. Serbian women: the perfect combo by Maverick Traveller. The Belgrade Diaries by Krauser. Belgrade Data Sheet by Polish Rumble rvf. Decent review. Hey Mark do you reckon a darker Brazilian looking guy have a lot of exotic capital in Serbia?

Do not go to Serbia to slay, because you wont, unless your a pro-basketball player with a 12 inch cock. Serbian women can Serbia ladies naughty website real bitches, the best thing to do is ignore them — they hate Serbia ladies naughty website, their ego cannot cope with it. Making friends with Serbian guys is imperative, the Serbian guys are usually cool and fun to hang out with. Do not roll Solo. As Zolo said the clubs are very pretentious and clicky, with expensive bottle service, and frosty bitches.

Exchange it in private exchange offices. There you can get laid easy as type of chicks going there are only for money. Just talk to them nice things and that you can buy them new cell phone or such and thats it, of course if you like that kind of girls but they dont deserve better. As a stranger you have twice better chances than serbian guy. Just ask couple of them about where to go or something and ask them to go out with you… Of course you will get some NOs but will probably get someone very fast. Yep, definitely check out Kalemegdan, Ada, Zemun. Just wanted to add another great website with excellent selection for short term rental apartments: srbija-nekretnine.

They are well furnished and in the center of Belgrade. Here In NJ were single young men out single young women, even picking up a 6 is a challenge for most men and the women here know it. New Jersey girls are in the range but unless you make a year or have really good looks dating here is very stressful for the average Joe and the here women know it.

Laura Prepon is from NJ. Sorry for the repeat phase and meant Serbia, I also know a few people from Serbia here and they usually prefer their own ethnic group. Mike, you are right. I live at 70km from Beograd and i am not agree with some things from article. More chances to awake interest in Zrenianin or Novi Sad than in Beograd. Girls have luck with the good genetics only because eat a lot of junk food and still look very good.

Yes…but…english is almost useless in Serbia, they live in a closed universe here, and is available in more slavic countries not only here in Bulgaria girls have a very cold heart. In Beograd girls prefer local guys and keep distance to foreigners…also local guys are aggressive with non local guys sometimes specially with italians. And dont foget, was a serious war here recently when US killed them, and a lot of people still hate or despise american guys or are not friendly with english speakers. Montenegro girls are not so beautiful but much more friendly. Not mention about greek girls, wich in my opinion is no1 in the balkan list because they are with that crisis there very hungry for mens, specially if you go to the gym seriously — greek boys are almost all of them very lazy and with a no muscle body.

Greek girls are much more approachable i am romanian so no interest to keep their parts. Yes,go to Montenegro. The girls are hairy and rustic,but they are easy laid. Dont worry,they have whole scale of sexually transmitted deceases.

Serbia ladies naughty website

I have spent 3 nights in Serbia, one night I bedded one local Serbian girl and the other night one girl Sloveia. Just like mentioned above, day game is the king here. My scores happened like that while I did the day game around Kalemegdan and Knez Mihajlova. At Kalemegdan there is a spot with a great view of Tuna river, chick go there as group of two or three to hang out.

They quite like the tourists and it is really easy to talk with them. It is better if you have a wingman to approach to a group though.

Serbia ladies naughty website

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