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That week. The one when Jivika ovulates. It changes her. It changes her in ways that unnerves me. My normally demure, thoughtful and very cerebral Indian wife becomes instinctive. It is as if a scent has stuck in her nostrils, as if the scent of sex has lodged there and nothing I can do or say will shake it out.

Jivika abandons her longer dresses and she wears the sort of tight little skirts and stockings that get young girls into trouble. She wears them to work and out down the bars. When we were first married that week was always a good time. My young wife wanted my cock. I would be dragged back to bed on the slightest pretext. We fell into each others arms, feeling, touching and kissing. Now though, five years on, the week always wrecked me.

My lovely wife, so able, so well organised, starts to go out more then. Dancing with her friends, for a meal or to the movies, she is everywhere else. I sit at home and wonder.

Sex chat Superior head

It was thoroughly English Tiffany who diagnosed the problem. We were drinking lagers down in a pub on the river. Swans sailed up and down with half a dozen cygnets in tow. What on earth was the matter? Tiffany took the new pint of lager from the bar man. She squinted at me. How could she put this? How could she put it nicely?

I considered. I could be funny, and I was hard working. I was loyal, I added that and nudged Tiffany. She had to concede that one! We started round two of our little game. I started to list her qualities. She was a bloody brilliant doctor and she was so good with the kids that came into her treatment room. She was highly intelligent, she loved the theatre and ballet, and she knew a lot about most things.

Tiffany squinted again as if the sun was behind me. I was meant to deduce something. Watching football or going to the pub is not cultured. She fell for your charm, your wit, your boyishness. She needs to have babies with someone from her own class.

Sex chat Superior head

I stood up, feeling pretty bloody irritable. Ask her whether she would like a discreet arrangement.

Sex chat Superior head

Tell her you will understand. What a bloody crazy thought that was! I dismissed it. I dismissed it for a week and the next crazy week grew closer. Javika was dressing that way again. She was going out again.

Her eyes danced, she seemed charged with energy. One night, watching her dress, I said it. I told her that I loved her but that I thought I understood something now. May be… I checked her expression…. May be you love me, but know that you should breed with some one better? I want you to think about finding a perfect man to give you babies. It was a month later that Javika spoke about that again.

Somehow we got through the next crazy week. Somehow we did. On the anniversary of that conversation though, one month hence, she brought a man home from her luncheon date. I stared at him. A tall, immaculately dressed, Indian guy. He had expressive hands with long fingers. He had a good physique and he spoke quietly, politely.

Sex chat Superior head

He studied me. His hazel brown eyes followed me as I stepped around the room. She waited for me to say something polite. I peeped outside the window onto the front drive. Jivika had been driven home in his car, a Jaguar sports saloon. I asked polite things, about his work.

He was a research scientist in engineering. He had grown his own company to manufacture critical parts for aircraft engines. I stared at him and the conversation with Tiffany bounced through my head Sex chat Superior head a basketball, thump, thump, thump! She cast me a glance. I was meant to understand. I frowned. My head was spinning. The visitor watched me.

He watched me like I was an oddity. I went to find my gardening gloves and the fork. I searched around aimlessly. As I passed the lounge door again I heard the guy say. I want you. I saw them embrace. I saw them embrace and I dropped the gloves. It threw me. I retired to the garden leaving the gloves. I went out and dragged down the first breathes of warm summer air. The garden was beneath the eaves of the house, directly beneath where our master bedroom window opened out to the genteel world. Next door, Mrs Weever waved from her deck chair.

She was reading the paper. I started to bank the potatoes. The windows were open. The afternoon was warm and relatively still. Next door Mrs Weever glanced up. She smiled across at me, ruffling the paper once more. His fucking voice floated out of the window. There was the sound of kissing.

Sex chat Superior head

There was the sound of Javika mewing. It was the noise she made when someone touched her sex. It was the sound she made when she was being petted.

Sex chat Superior head

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