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Because their Catholic faith is against same-sex marriage, Bryan Victor and Thomas Molina-Duarte made their wedding vows this summer before a Protestant minister in a Detroit Episcopal church. The Rev. In their shared Catholic faith, Victor and Molina-Duarte find spiritual sustenance. It gives me a deep sense of community.

But the Catholic Church is being universally challenged from the pews to the pulpit, by the evolving ways society and many everyday Catholics include and welcome LGBT people.

Victor local sex dating

Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal throughout the country. Pope Francis has aled a more inclusive tone toward LGBT people, through his words and actions, even as his open-arms position draws fire from some conservative Catholics. But doors continue to open. InAustrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn overruled an Austrian priest who wanted to ban a gay Catholic man, in a civil registered domestic partnership with another man, from taking his seat on the parish council after other parishioners elected him.

Retired Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, a longtime advocate for liberal Catholic causes, often describes how he came to be an outspoken supporter of gay rights in the years after his brother came out as a gay man. The group is not officially recognized by the Catholic Church. Gumbleton said Catholic teaching has long allowed Catholics to let their consciences, in part, be their guide in participating in the church's rituals and sacraments, even when they may be at odds with church teachings.

Gumbleton predicted Catholic teaching against same-sex unions eventually will change, as he noted did its onetime support of slavery and capital punishment.

Victor local sex dating

Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron said through a spokesman that he couldn't comment for this story without knowing more specifics about the men. Officially, the archdiocese offers the ministry program Courage, to urge gay Catholics to abstain from sex; and another program, EnCourage, to counsel Catholic families with gay members.

To officiate at their wedding could have led to discipline by his superiors. But Ron Victor, the pastor of St. The priest and his nephew became close when Ron Victor was ased to a St. Clair Shores parish, where Bryan attended elementary school. After the school day, instead of going to latchkey to wait for his working parents to pick him up, Bryan went to the rectory. Through his priesthood, he said he has tried to practice what Pope Francis so poignantly and pointedly captured with his famous observation about gay Catholics.

The church calls gay sex "intrinsically disordered" because it cannot result in procreation. Yet Ron Victor said the caring, monogamous relationship between his nephew and Molina-Duarte "reflects God's love. Pope Francis, while not changing church teaching against gay unions, has made outreach to LGBT people a hallmark of his papacy.

Victor local sex dating

When the pope visited the U. But that came after another revelation that confused and contradicted papal images of the pope's outreach to gays — when Francis also privately met with the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue gay marriage s. Although Catholic teaching says their union and their love are sins, both men say they are at home, and even at peace, in a Catholic church.

They have not encountered condemnation or cruelty. Only one relative refused the invitation to their wedding because of opposition to homosexuality. Both men are Catholic school graduates, and both stopped going to church as young men wrestling with coming out. Living in the closet is a health hazard. The two met in late through a mutual friend in Chicago, where Molina-Duarte was living at the time. Together they found a mutual commitment to social justice issues. Victor found Victor local sex dating missing the ritual and inspiration he found at Catholic mass, and Molina-Duarte began to him at services in Ann Arbor.

Victor and Molina-Duarte moved to Detroit in They attended masses at a few parishes, but felt most engaged and most welcomed at St. The congregation is integrated and active, with outreach to group homes for disabled and elderly people on East Grand Blvd. At St. And for that reason,we feel comfortable presenting ourselves for Communion.

Their sexuality is God-given, said Molina-Duarte. On a recent Sunday, Molina-Duarte celebrated his 29th birthday with morning mass. The week before, his dad had visited from Connecticut and ed him and Victor at St. Charles for the pastor, Capuchin priest Rev. Ray Stadmeyer, to ask if any mass-goers are celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. Molina-Duarte jumped up from the pew and bounded down the aisle.

Stadmeyer did not want to comment for this article, but this is what he told his congregation, before they sang "Happy Birthday" to Molina-Duarte. We thank him and Bryan for all the goodness they bring to us. Contact Patricia Montemurri:pmontemurri freepress. To find out more about the Archdiocese of Detroit's Courage and EnCourage programs to urge gay Catholics to abstain from sex, visit aod. To find out about the Fortunate Families group, which urges the Catholic church to change its teachings, visit fortunatefamiliesdetroit. Facebook Twitter.

How a married gay Catholic couple live their faith. Patricia Montemurri Detroit Free Press.

Victor local sex dating

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