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I traveling from Pittsburgh to your area and may not be driving. I dont want to freak my dog out by loading him into an airline crate for such a long trip. Are there any pet-friendly modes of travel other than driving. Thanks, in advance, for any rmation. I drove from florida to michigan in a car with my dog no problem. I dont see what your problem would be. A plane would be far more traumatic than a car ride would lol. I had a AAA card at the time and AAA was very helpful because I knew at some point I would stop and they gave me TRavel books for the states I was driving in with listing of motels which indicated if they accepted pets.

La is one, I think. More to the story The problem is that I disabled and unable to drive. Lucky Virgin seeks teacher dog is a Service Animal. Service dogs are wonderful. No crate necessary. You dont even have to really have solid proof the dog is a service dog, many people lie about it.

Virgin seeks teacher

There is no such thing as service dog certification they can look up for you. If you are in doubt as to whether a dog is a real service dog, you may legally ask the following. Do you have a documented disability? Note: you may not ask what the disability is. Is that a trained service dog? If the answer is yes, and you still doubt the validity of the team; you may ask what tasks the dog has been specifically trained to do for the person with disabilities.

Alternatively, if a person balks at answering these quions, or becomes unreasonably defensive; you are most likely dealing with an imposter.

Virgin seeks teacher

At this point, you should refrain from saying anything more, and phone the DOJ and immediately to intervene. They cant detain you. Just keep to your own business. Answer the first quion. Second quion already taking up enough of my time, ignore them and keep walking.

Virgin seeks teacher

It is always better though to tell the of the ablishment to deal with the situation. My dog does not bark. I should be fine. I live in Cali too, never been asked before about it. I only bring the dog into stores, not raurants or gas stations.

Thousand other people they have to take care of, they dont even bother with me other than a rude look at times.

Virgin seeks teacher

If a person is not disabled then they should not bring their pet dog into an ablishment that only allows service dogs. It doesnt matter how well trained their dog is. It is against the law and it is disrespectful to people who are disabled and actually need their service dogs to go everywhere with them.

They just assume it is one. But i would lie if asked. I dont care about being respectful or politically correct. It is against the law. Case closed. Congratulations you are a. This discussion is over. So are you if you McCaskill drive 1 mile over the speed. First Virgin seeks teacher said it was disrespectful, then you said it has nothing to do with respectfulness, you took a degree turn there.

Case closed, end of discussion. I absolutely cant wait until the law gets. Hopefully, therell be a euthanasia clause in the law at that point. Youre already in violation of it why. These privileges are for people with real disabilities, not for your convenience. Youre hurting them and the general public through your actions.

Virgin seeks teacher

No, I dont think they can. All reflective and i take her into walmart with me as a service dog.

Virgin seeks teacher

And just about every other store i go to. Never been stopped before but got plenty of mean looks from the asset protection agents at the doors rofl. I know that in California. I dont remember though if that is the same for the r of the country. If you are disabled. You should already be aware of the legalities of this though. Service dogs are allowed on planes in the cabin.

These websites have tips and also the govt rules about traveling with service animals the iaadp one. Thats what I thought, however Check this out. If service animals are disruptive or too large to fit under the seat or at the passengers feet without encroaching on another passengers space or protruding into the aisle, it will need to travel in a kennel Virgin seeks teacher by the passenger in the cargo hold. Yes, read the AA guidelines though. Only smaller relative term service dogs are accommodated. That is intering. Here is the exact wording. They dont allow disabled people to sit in the emergency exit rows, so to accommodate a larger dog you would need to be in first class!

Virgin seeks teacher

That would seem to be discriminatory unless they provide free upgrades. Intering thought. It was just surprising. I had always heard that it was the disabled persons right Virgin seeks teacher have their service animal available. Now that I think of it though, they do make disabled people with wheelchairs stow their own wheel chairs and use the collapsible ones provided by the airlines.

Mine is smaller. Pit Bull size 85 lbs. I would call the airline or bus etc. Private balloon charter? Public trans is out unless you have a service dog. Ive flown with a dog. I was a nervous wreck, but he was fine although read up on the risks and the rrictions it is MUCH harder to fly with a pet.

I also take long driving trips with them frequently. They LOVE it and are so much better than a human driving companion although they cant help with the driving. Check this site. Youre coming to Mendocino County specifically? You arent going to be able to fly into the area on a commercial flight. Comminf to Ft. Decided to spend my last days there.

It Virgin seeks teacher probably be a big change Definitely not a hustling metropolis but if youre coming soon the locals will likely be talking about how busy it has gotten with the tourist season starting. The entire county has its share of ecentrics but people are mostly friendly. Getting there will still be your bigg obstacle. Flying into one of the larger airports then trying to figure out connections by bus may be your b bet if possible.

Locally the bus service is Mendocino Transit Authority MTA and they likely have a website you can for info on local transportation. Im not even sure if Ft. Bragg has a taxi service. If finances allow. The OP might want to look into a limo rental.

There are multiple companies that cater to aftermarket push button start review great northern paper auction people flying into SFO going wine tasting in Napa. This wouldnt seem out of range for that type of company. Local company may do it too Either limo or taxi service. SFO is a larger airport so will have more services and alternatives but SAC would be the easier airport because it is smaller and easier to get around in and a little closer.

The drive from SAC to Ft. Bragg would also be nicer more country and rural ro vs. If this is that big a concern, why dont you. Thanks to all. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment.

Virgin seeks teacher

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