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If you want to become the owner of an exotic, luxurious cat, check out these 20 most expensive cat breeds that cost Wealthy looking for kitten fortune. Cats are currently the one choice as household pets in the United States, and why not?! Plus, they can accommodate specific bodily needs in a box should cat parents be away for long hours. No one knows for sure how many stray cats are on the prowl.

Every year, millions are euthanized in overcrowded shelters. Often times, shelter workers got to know the little guy or girl and can share unique traits and habits. In other instances, cats relinquished to shelters by owners may come with background history so that you can learn about their personalities and health conditions.

You can find almost any breed at a breed rescue somewhere in the country. The going prices vary from breeder to breeder, so below is a range that gives a glimpse into just how costly these expensive cats are. The slender Siamese is a people cat that is curious and talks a lot! It is a large, muscular breed resembling his wilder cousins without sharing any of their DNA. Caring for expensive cat breeds does not differ much from caring for regular cats. Regardless of where your little bundle of fur comes from, or how much you pay for her when bringing a cat into your home and your heart, be sure that you are prepared to love and care for her throughout her entire lifetime, no matter how much your life changes.

You need a budget for high-quality cat food and state-of-the-art cat feederspreventive medical care, kitty cat supplies i. Keep in mind that most any un-pedigreed breed can be adopted or purchased for considerably less than you see on this list of the 20 most expensive cat breeds to spend your money on.

However, these prices are the ones that breeders demand and receive for purebred cats. The Norwegian Forest Cat loves her people, but on her own terms. This means she likes to decide when, and if, to get on or off your lap!

A wooly undercoat and sharp claws make sure you have a sturdy scratching post and cat tree for this one help this feline adapt to the cold winters of her native Norway. Moderately active, with sudden bursts of energy, the Norwegian is very likely the cat that Vikings kept on their ships to keep down the rodent population. The breed, however, almost disappeared due to mating with free-roaming domestic shorthair cats, but Norwegian cat fanciers came to the rescue. The Norwegian Forest Cat came to the U. Therefore, U. This, coupled with preferred markings, keeps the Norwegian Forest Cat price tag high.

The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted breed of the domestic feline. Bronze, smoke, black, and silver, along with muted versions of these hues, and a sheening spotted coat, will make your Mau well worth the wait if an exotic cat for sale is what you seek.

Their spots, however, appear only on the tips of the fur. With widely spaced ears and gooseberry green eyes encircled with dark eyeliner, these cats dazzle cat fanciers and pet parents alike. Friendly to most, Maus cats are wary of strangers and choose their special human. The breed was worshipped Wealthy looking for kitten both a god and a treasure by Ancient Egyptians.

She has kept a few gifts handed down by his wilder ancestors:. The Korat has superpowers and five hearts! Korats have an unusually keen sense of sight, scent, and hearing, which can put them head-to-head with any superhero. Heart 4 can be seen when a Korat sits, showing you his muscular heart-shaped chest. And last, but certainly not least, is the heart inside these cuddly cats who love to be close to their humans and play gently with children. The Korat comes in only one color, a silver-tipped blue that shines and shimmers. In actuality though, most people with cat allergies are not bothered by the hair but rather by cat dander and saliva.

The breed is rare because only a small gene pool exists in their native Thailand as well as in the States. Some think it is purposely kept small to Wealthy looking for kitten the Korat stays elusive and exclusive, keeping it on the list of the 20 most expensive cat breeds. After all, the Korat is considered a symbol of prosperity in its native homeland. Both long and short-haired cats exist, and they are born with curly whiskers!

Differing from the Devon and Cornish Rex cats, the curly coat gene is dominant in the Selkirk, meaning a litter can contain both straight-haired and curly kittens. Their soft, plush coats make them extra huggable. These cats require frequent bathing as they tend to have oily coats, so they are a little high maintenance.

Wealthy looking for kitten

Playful and energetic, it is smart to Wealthy looking for kitten your Selkirk Rex with plenty of toys, scratching p, cat treesand other means for him to expend his energy to keep peace in the house. Gentle with kids, Selkirks Rexes are great family pets but are truly rare as the first of this breed only came on the scene 3 decades ago. Thus, their price is hefty. Second in size only to the Maine Coon, the easy-going and calm Siberian enjoys company: people, children, even dogs. These cats seem to have a sixth sense, knowing when their person could use some TLC and will tend to stay close, almost nurturing their loved one.

Some Siberians have two different eye colors, with one often being blue. Regardless of color, their eyes tilt slightly upwards to give a distinct look. Siberian cats were built to withstand Siberian winters and were provided with a neck rough like a lion and a double-thick coat. In spite of all this fur, the breed is considered hypoallergenic, since they possess lower enzyme levels in their saliva than most other cats.

It only arrived on the American shore early in the 21st Century making this breed very rare, and therefore, very expensive! Descended from felines who sailed on The Mayflower, the American Shorthair has been Wealthy looking for kitten for centuries for its sweet personality and rat-catching talents. Bred specifically for their disposition, beautiful face, and striking colors, the breed was renamed in the 60s to differentiate it from other short-haired cat breeds.

The name also differentiates the breed from any random-bred cats that you can find in neighborhoods across America. Although a common shorthair cat might look similar, the pedigreed American Shorthair will, due to selective breeding, consistently produce litters with the same temperament, coat, and physical appearance. Available in 80 different color patterns, this breed produces a powerful feline with a well-developed chest, shoulders, and hindquarters.

Adorable round faces and short pointed ears give American Shorthairs a distinctive look. This intelligent breed is quite trainable and dog-like, following you around. You may have to shut the door to get a moment of privacy, as Maine Coon cats love to be with their people. It might even you for a shower! Measuring more than 3 feet from nose-to-tail, this plus-sized cat breed evolved through natural breeding.

It got dealt with the cards needed to survive the harsh winters and seasonal changes of the extreme Northeastern United States. They continue their growth spurt until 4 or 5 years of age, and there may soon be a new cat breaking the record as the largest domestic cat in the world! A round head with high cheekbones, rounded ears, and rounded eyes that tilt upward are the hallmarks of the American Wirehair along with a rounded tipped tail.

Wealthy looking for kitten

What sets them apart, however, is the tightly crimped hair that many a woman would work hard to achieve. This breed can trace its parentage to a kitten named Adam. The only survivor of his litter, Adam and his wiry-haired siblings were born to two barn cats with smooth coats. Considered a spontaneous mutation, testing determined that the American Wirehair is not related to the curly-haired British Rex family of cats. It is instead its own American breed. These wiry coats, which are actually quite spongy and spring back, come in many colors and patterns.

Remarkably, the coat is not high-maintenance. American Wirehaired cats are skilled hunters. They get along with kids and dogs, as long as they are not teased or bothered, but birds may not be an excellent choice to share a home with. Good-natured and clownish, this breed likes to keep busy, so have cat chew toys and puzzle games on hand.

Wealthy looking for kitten

Outgoing and agreeable, the American Wirehair may, or may not, be a lap cat, but enjoys curling up next to his people. Still quite rare, as most are kept for show or breeding, these cats are amongst the 20 most expensive cat breeds to spend your money on. The result of a dominant gene, this kitty, two of her kittens, and generations since have been born with straight ears that begin to curl backward within a few days of birth.

By the time these curious-looking cats are 4-months old, their ears become stiff with flexible tips. American Curls should be handled with kid gloves, so as not to damage the cartilage in their unique ears. The tighter the ear curl, the higher the price for these kittens. Long, short, or tortoiseshell, tabby or pointed, American Curl cats come in all Wealthy looking for kitten of coat lengths and patterns. A smart cat breed, many Curls learn to fetch, open doorknobs, or get into other mischiefs.

However, when the day is over, they are happy to curl up in the lap of a human they love. The cost of an American Curl is high due to its direct lineage to one cat and the fact that they are one of the newest cat breeds.

Wealthy looking for kitten

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