Women into crossdressers

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Empty Closets. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Any girls into male crossdresser? Thread Tools Thread Tools. Hey There are some posts here about crossdressing, but I am interested in that particular problem.

Women into crossdressers

Mostly it is something gross, unacceptable. Only some girls simply don't bother but aren't turned on either. For me, for example, it would be dream if found girl who loves it. It would be great having sex with hot girl who is sexy dressed stockings, heels ed: Jul 28, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 0.

Hi, I am more familiar with transgender issues than crossdressing, but I hope you will find the girl of your dreams. Well, unfortunately, I'm working to un-girl myself, so I'm not sure if my opinions count. But even before identifying my own gender identity, back when I thought I was just a weird girl, I found crossdressing males remarkably hot.

No lie, my first boyfriend was a crossdresser, which shocked my parents but made me oh so happy. It really makes me sad to see that so many women seem opposed to crossdressing men.

Women into crossdressers

I never imagined it would be such a turnoff. Surely there are ladies out there that are into that? There have to be. And I hope you find them. I don't mind crossdressing men, I was actually raised around one so I thought it was perfectly normal. ed: Dec 24, Messages: Likes Received: 0. I like crossdressing, but naturally I have my preferences and don't like all crossdressers that way. Just the ones that are my type anyway. In most cases I'd probably like partial crossdressing more than full. I can't imagine to be upset by finding out about a crossdressing boyfriend though. Nothing upsetting, let alone traumatizing, even if it didn't look good on him.

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Women into crossdressers

Honestly, I actually find cross-dressing quite sexy, be it on men Women into crossdressers women. I'd consider myself mainly heterosexual but my bi curiosity would be for a male crossdresser who could pass. I'm attracted to the female aesthetic despite the person's biological sex. Get a man in stockings and garters I don't deny I'm weird, but that's hot. In my sophomore year, my obsession was men in red lace panties. Canadaboy likes this. So, tough issue see here Of course, for all people, the potential sexual partner must be that type regardless of sexual encounter type ; same sex or opposite sex, transgendered, etc.

Moreover, I think that actually there are not so many crossdressers males who are really hot. I mean that man must have specified body features; slender, talllong legged with androgynic features on the face. It was also mentioned somewhere in this forum that women have far more ways for expression in fashion.

So why sexy girl cannot desire sexy male in sexy female clothes This is simple biology I guess. And androgynous male wearing skirt, stockings, wig, ake-up and high heels isn't what normal woman is looking for, is he?

Women into crossdressers

Also I have to admit that I am not turn on by butch type femmes Actually, I like non-femmy guys in lady underwear and such as well. I find slim, femmy guys more attractive on the whole, preference wise, though that doesn't prevent me from dating guys of other body types as well if I dig 'em but there's something attractive and appealing about partial crossdressing in general I think. Something I like aesthetically about it. Just Jess.

Please keep the discussion civil. If you have a problem, please use the red and white triangle in the lower left. Miss Emma Guest. Well said Cassie! We needn't be argumentative here; we're all looking for advice and support. Keep it civil. CharlieHK Guest. Even then, before he came out the idea of a man in panties never turned me off, pleasure is pleasure.

Don't know how much my opinion counts here, but okay. Rakkaus Guest. Well I'm not a straight girl myself, but I can say there are plenty of straight men married to women who just happen to cross-dress. When he died he was displayed in the coffin and then buried wearing a teddy. I would be completely OK with dating a crossdresser. I hate shopping for clothes so they would have to be OK with picking out my stuff for Women into crossdressers though. Show Ignored Content. Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

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Women into crossdressers

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