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DANIELS voice-over : The girl's kidnappers allegedly forced her to live in a dog kennel, threatened to kill her and her family and made her have sex for money with men they found on the Internet. And new photos of the journalist wanted in New York. Police say he dressed as a firefighter on Halloween, forced his way into a woman's apartment and sexually assaulted her for 12 hours. Plus, you've seen the tape. Now we'll Women want sex Delong you how to protect your children. First up on the docket, a horrifying story out of Phoenix, Arizona.

A year-old runaway allegedly abducted by an older teenage couple. She was gang raped, turned into a sex slave, her body sold over the Internet for weeks until she was finally able to call her parents and she was rescued by police. They're hard to come by after seeing what your daughter was locked in and knowing what she went through. I mean the news, the reports that they have don't even touch the surface of what they did. Police say the suspects pimped her out to strangers they found her on the Internet.

But the day before police found her, she called her family. KENNEDY: An apology, but no information, still afraid the suspects would kill her or her family, she hung up without telling anyone where she was. The next day, police found her huddled in a two-foot by two-foot wood box.

But this year-old is a survivor. Now the two suspects in the case, year-old Janelle Butler and year-old Matthew Gray are in custody, both facing multiple counts of pandering and receiving the earnings of a prostitute. They're also charged with child prostitution and kidnapping and Matthew Gray has been charged with sexual assault and sexual conduct with a minor. Sergeant Andy Hill is a spokesman with the Phoenix Police and Sergeant, let me just ask you, are you surprised that you found the victim alive after all that?

In this case, we were very fortunate Women want sex Delong find her alive because there have been many instances where this type of thing happens where the victim does not survive. HILL: Well I think she's a courageous young woman and other than the grace of God, she had a lot of fortitude and strength and there were a lot people that were looking for her. Our officers worked diligently to find her each time they got a piece of information, and we're very fortunate that we were able to get to her in time. What led you to that apartment? And as you know, there are so many missing and runaway children; we get a lot of reports that officers followed up on.

But these officers took the time to look into it as best they could and actually write a report which was forwarded to a detective who looks into these type of situations and he then forwarded it to a couple of particular patrol officers that are very good at finding these runaways and they began to look when they had chances. As a matter of fact, we were in that apartment, as you know, a couple of times. We were able to look around.

We couldn't find her because they had her hidden in a kind of a cutout box underneath a platform bed, which was covered with a plywood piece of wood. And they were actually in there and she was already hidden in there, but was so afraid that she couldn't talk at all about it. She couldn't say a word because she was afraid for herself and the fact that her family had been threatened with death as well.

I mean it's amazing that somebody can actually be in that box for too long.

Women want sex Delong

Wouldn't you think that she would suffocate being in there? HILL: Well eventually those officers came in the other night and actually left and then came back and actually separated the two suspects and were able to convince the Women want sex Delong suspect to tell them about the case and that female suspect, Ms. Butler, said that she was afraid that she was going to run out of oxygen and that's when the officers immediately went in and got her out of there.

Think back in your many years. I mean to me it just seems—I haven't heard something like this. In 22 years of police work, working with a lot of different investigations and units, I have not seen anything quite like this. A lot of the individual components that happen to people, gang rape, brain washing, torture, child prostitution, but to put them all together in this type of situation and include the fact that she was kept hidden in that box under the bed, I haven't seen anything like that.

If there was a cell phone there, couldn't she sneak around and find the phone and call her parents? What's the psychological barrier that the people allegedly set up to prevent her from doing that? HILL: Well within hours of her first running away or being missing from home, she was kidnapped, she was bound, gagged, taken to another apartment and she was gang raped for hours.

That was her initial contact with those suspects. Then for the next three days, periodically, she was put in that dog kennel. They beat her down physically, emotionally, psychologically repeatedly until she totally gave up on life. She felt that she was already dead, so the ability for her to respond at all, she was already numb. It was very difficult. Not only that, but they threatened to kill her. At one point, they put a gun to her chest, asked her how she wanted to die and then pulled the trigger and the gun was empty.

Those are the types of things they did to her, so for 42 days, she suffered like that. How real was that threat in her mind? HILL: Well it was very real.

Women want sex Delong

After having the gun put to her and the trigger pulled and being told repeatedly that she would die and her family would die, having been all—I can't even imagine what went on inside of her. She suffered horribly. I can imagine she feels lucky to be alive.

Women want sex Delong

That's what she told us. She was happy to be rescued. She was sobbing, but I do not know how she is today. She's back with her family and we all of course wish her well and hope for a recovery, but it's going to be a long road for her I'm sure. Obviously, it's going to be a long road ahead for her. Excellent police work by all of you, Sergeant Andy Hill.

You must Women want sex Delong very proud that you really stuck with it and went back to the house many times and finally found what you were looking for. Thanks so much, Sergeant. Now on to a trial in Florida that we've been following very closely, jurors in the Carlie Brucia murder case got a virtual tour of the crime scene today.

And they also got a first look at the year-old's badly decomposed body days after she was sexually assaulted and killed. You know the case well. Carlie was apparently walking home from a slumber party when she was allegedly abducted by a man wearing a mechanic's uniform, all of it caught on surveillance tape.

Florida prosecutors say that man is Joseph Smith. That he abducted her, sexually assaulted her and then strangled her. There was another hair that exhibited all the same microscopic characteristics and was consistent with originating from the victim. On seven different items within the vehicle, I found a reddish pink cotton fiber that was consistent with the reddish-pink cotton fibers that comprised the shirt, which was identified as coming from the victim.

Michelle, actually let's begin with you. Here's what the prosecutor has in terms of evidence. Two hairs consistent with Carlie's in that car, consistent with, not essentially hers, two hairs that can't be ruled out as Carlie's and seven fibers that are consistent with her shirt. What do you do to explain away that DNA evidence? That yes, that may have been found, but the cross-examination is also going to show that these police officers, that they did not explore all the other options here.

That they didn't go after who they should have gone after, is the person who lived where Carlie was sleeping over, a convicted felon, who allegedly talked to her about sex the night before, who looks like the gentleman on the video also. He said this could have also been me. His name is Choquette and they didn't follow up. They didn't look in his car for fibers. Pam, the defense is basically saying, police, you were so intent on nabbing this one guy, Joseph Smith that you didn't even follow through with all these other le. What does the prosecution have to do to rebut that? But what the prosecution does is they start out and they say, sure, everybody was a suspect to begin with.

Anybody who had contact with her and in the case of Choquette, what they did was they checked out his alibi. His alibi completely checked out. Not only that, he didn't have tattoos on his arms and clearly, the person in the video has tattoos. Not only that, everything else was leading them to Smith. So I don't think they'll have a hard time combating that in the closing argument DANIELS: Well—Pam, let me stick with you for a second because you've been in this business long enough to know that it seems like the defense is throwing everything against the wall and saying hey, we hope something sticks.

As a prosecutor, do you have to respond to every bit of that dirt being thrown or do you just say, hey, we're not even going to indulge in that. Here's our theory. BONDI: I think in this case they're probably going to stick to their theory because their case is so strong. And you know Women want sex Delong defense attorneys do that in a case like this, it really doesn't bother you because you don't want to have to try the case twice.

You know 10 years from now or even five years from now, it'll be back on appeal saying that the defense attorney was incompetent because he didn't use a certain defense. So it's always good for the prosecutors when they do throw everything out there because in the long run, you want a clean trial. You don't want to have to try it twice. But I think in this case the prosecutors will just stick to the facts of their case and some of it, they're going to have to address. DANIELS: Michelle, if you represent Joseph Smith, at this point do you go to the prosecutors and say hey let's talk a little bit, maybe we Women want sex Delong cut a deal here as you go on with the trial It's a very high profile case.

The time to have negotiated that was before. They're not going to do this and this lawyer has to do everything that he possibly can ethically to represent his client.

Women want sex Delong

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