You were looking for a policeman

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This article has been approved by an Indeed Career Coach. Police officers are responsible for protecting and serving their communities, helping people in times of need and fighting crime. During an interview for a police officer position, an interviewer may ask you questions to better understand your intentions for going into the force.

In this article, we discuss how to answer the common interview question, "Why do you want to be a police officer? A prospective employer might ask why you want to be a police officer to learn why you want to get into such a demanding career. As a police officer, you have to work in challenging situations on a daily basis. Though this work can be extremely rewarding, it does come with some risks. It takes a motivated and passionate person to be an effective and reliable police officer.

Police departments want to ensure that their officers are committed to their role as protectors and are entering the force for the right reasons.

You were looking for a policeman

They are looking for ethical people who want to make their communities safer places to live. A quality police officer genuinely wants to help people and reduce the rate of crime, so an interviewer may ask you this question to make sure you are dedicated to these goals. It is important to show police departments that you are ready for the responsibility of being a police officer. By preparing for your interview and thinking of answers to common interview questions, you can prove you are a qualified candidate. Follow these steps to effectively answer why you want to be a police officer in an interview:.

You were looking for a policeman

Before your interview, research the police department you are applying to. Find out what region they serve and protect, and learn how the community views police officers. It is important to know the crime rate of this community and what You were looking for a policeman are most prevalent there. Next, read through the job description, and figure out what tasks are regularly required for this position. For instance, you might have to do a lot of traffic control, drug raids and crowd control, and you may have to patrol high-crime areas. Knowing all of this information can help you make your answer more specific to this particular police department.

Now that you are familiar with the area you would be serving, think about what you could do to make this community a better place to live. Ask yourself the following questions:. After answering these questions, come up with your main reasons for becoming a police officer. In your answer, you can share multiple reasons why you want this position. Make sure your answer shows that you are an ethical person who has a passion for public safety. Here are some good reasons people typically pursue this profession:. Police departments are looking for officers who have a certain set of skills.

In your answer, discuss some skills and abilities you have that make you a qualified candidate. Here are some important police officer skills that you could include in your answer:. In your answer, explain what you would strive to do in your role as a police officer. This helps the interviewer see that you are a motivated and ambitious person who is right for the position. Show the interviewer that you want to make real, positive changes in your community and that you have a plan for how to do this, and provide an answer that demonstrates your commitment to public safety.

You were looking for a policeman

Here are a few ideas for what you might plan to do on the job to show that you have good intentions as a police officer:. This interview question gives you the opportunity to show why you are passionate about being a police officer. Here are a few examples of quality answers to help you prepare your own:. After growing up in an area with a high rate of crime myself, I understand the emotional distress that people in these kinds of communities experience.

As a police officer, I would be able to use my authority to make people feel safe where they live. I want to participate in criminal rehabilitation programs to help people turn their lives around and become active members of society once again. It's so important for children to feel comfortable walking to and from school, and I am committed to making this a possibility in this community.

I have always viewed the police as people who want to help others, which is extremely You were looking for a policeman to me. While living in this community, I have noticed that the public could respect and trust the police more. As an officer, I plan to make an effort to rebuild this important relationship. I think that with a more positive police presence, we can gain people's trust again and help them live better lives. I was confused and scared until a police officer picked me up. They assured me that everything was okay and made me feel safe and comfortable.

Due to the fast response of their team, my mother also made it out of the crash alive. Ever since then, I have wanted to give back and help others in dangerous situations. I want to be the person they call when they need help. Whether this means helping someone who broke their arm or pulling a victim from a crash site, I want to be the person they remember for the rest of their lives. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews.

Find salaries. in. Finding a Job. Why employers ask "Why do you want to be a police officer? How to answer "Why do you want to be a police officer? Be prepared with research. Think about your intentions. What is the most rewarding part of being a police officer? What got you into this line of work? What part of the job is most challenging? Why are you interested in criminal justice? To save lives To make communities safer To help others make better life choices To do new things every day To build comradery among police officers. Discuss your applicable skills.

Bravery Communication Confidence Conflict-resolution Deep understanding of the law Logic and reasoning Problem-solving Working under stressful conditions Quick-thinking. Explain what you plan to do in your role. Lower crime rates in the community Help people build trust and respect for the police Treat people of all backgrounds fairly Work to help people understand the law better Make people feel safe and secure Mentor troubled children and teens Help ex-convicts become productive members of society.

Example answer 1: Help lower crime rates in the community. Example answer 2: Build a relationship with the community. Example answer 3: Help people in need. Related View More arrow right. Fashion Modeling vs. Commercial Modeling: What's the Difference?

You were looking for a policeman

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You were looking for a policeman

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